Cafeworking: how to choose a cafe where you can work

    Have you tried working in a cafe? I think it's great. A change of scenery perfectly tones up, saves from routine, gives new ideas and inspiration. If you work remotely, like we at Alconost , coffee-working becomes an excellent alternative to coworking - why pay hourly for a chair and a table when you get the same thing and in addition to a delicious breakfast or lunch. Cafes also help out during travel, business trips, interruptions with the Internet or with electricity at your workplace. And on fine days, it is especially pleasant to sit in the shade of a summer playground, breathe fresh air and drink fragrant tea in the bite of Google Docs while the rest sweat in four walls.

    Like? Then welcome to cat. I will tell you how to find an institution where you can work productively and tasty for several hours, combining business with pleasure.

    Getting ready for work

    I’ll make a reservation right away: it is hardly possible to spend a full day in a cafe. As a rule, it is inconvenient for you and the institution. If such a need arises, it is better to work in two cafes for 4 hours each, having stretched your legs well during the break.

    Before you grab a laptop under your arm and go to conquer the peaks of coffee-making, you should make sure that your device is fully charged, and that you have taken a charge or a spare battery with you. A wireless mouse and a 3G modem can also be very useful.

    If you go to a cafe alone, consider visiting a WC before your order is brought to you. If you are not the only one going to the cafe, think about whether you will be able to work at all :)

    One more thing: to tune into a working mood in such conditions at first may be unusual. Although to be honest, focusing in a noisy open space can be a lot harder. For example, it’s great for me in a cafe. But I prefer to work with numbers in complete silence.

    Limitations are imposed not only by the environment, but also by your device. Even Cap knows that for certain types of work you need a large monitor, a powerful desktop computer, or additional devices like a graphics tablet. And Cap suggests that in this situation it’s better not to go to the cafe.

    Choose an institution

    Do not attach yourself prematurely to one place until you find one where you like the most. Pay attention to the music that plays in this institution, the comfort of the seats, the menu, in the end. Are there any cozy places away from the passage? Are there sockets near the tables if you have to linger longer? How crowded is it? What about smokers?

    Overly popular establishments like McDonalds are usually not the best choice. In general, do not get attached to one format - not only cafes, but also restaurants, coffee houses, bars, in general, any island with Wi-Fi can be a great option. Check out reviews in services like Foursquare to find out if you need a place to go.

    Speaking of Wi-Fi. It happens that in the institution of regular interruptions with the Internet or coverage is enough for only part of the tables. Often this can only be determined experimentally.

    One way or another, in a new place, do not plan any urgent tasks. This will save you from worrying if something goes wrong.

    A good option is to start by simply stop by and have a cup of coffee. After half an hour of careful observation, you can determine for yourself whether you want to spend several creative hours here.

    BFI MOMI Cafe
    Tony Hall, BFI MOMI Cafe

    Cafeteria etiquette

    And here you are and your laptop in the right place. What's next?

    • Do not occupy a table designed for a large company, even if it is now free.
    • Use headphones if you need to listen to audio.
    • Avoid lengthy phone conversations and loud skype calls. By the way, people with headphones often sin because they hear themselves badly.
    • Buy drinks and food every couple of hours. There should always be something edible on your table, and it’s better that they are not three sticks of french fries, a single portion of which you ordered three hours ago.
    • Usually the busiest time in a cafe is business lunch time after 18:00. It is better to choose the time before or immediately after lunch, when the institution has fewer visitors, and the waiters are not so worried about the free tables. For example, I like to go to the cafe for breakfast - from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., and then additionally order drinks and desserts if you need to work another hour or two.
    • Be friendly with the waiters and tip.

    Have a good coffee-making!

    Have you tried working in a cafe?

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