Facebook will now display full articles in the news feed

    Company Facebook has launched a service the Instant Articles . It will allow publications to publish articles on the Facebook news feed. The service can be used by mobile device owners. To date, The New York Times , BuzzFeed , National Geographic , NBC News , The Guardian and several other publications have agreed to publish their materials using the service .

    The new service includes a statistical analysis function. In addition, it is compatible with tools like comScore , Omniture, and Google Analytics.. The service has the ability to display ads. It can be sold either by publications or by Facebook itself.

    Instant Articles was created to reduce the loading time of articles and reduce unnecessary user clicks on external links. Now users will be able to download articles to view ten times faster. In addition, it allows you to keep the design of the article close to the original. The service supports the import of scalable images, video, audio and maps, as well as the ability to comment on articles, according to a Facebook press release.

    In August last year, representatives of Facebook discussed with publications the prospects for collaboration through the new service. Following the discussion, the conditions for cooperation were formed:

    • service compatibility with analytics tools, including comScore and Google Analytics,
    • maintaining the design of the publication when displaying the article on Facebook
    • monetization

    In the near future there will be a version of the service for Android OS. In the meantime, it is available only to iOS users.

    According to The Verge, publications may become dependent on Facebook. The company claims to be the leader as the main channel of news media and is constantly improving the quality and format of publications.

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