"Interest club"


    Our relationship with Habr began long before this publication. Software products, to which we, modestly speaking, are involved, have already been represented here in one form or another by our colleagues from other development teams. And the situation looks like they are presented and perceived quite positively. During our almost 25-year history, we have written a lot of successful CAD programs. And then, and now there was and there is a lot of R & D. Perhaps we very boldly call our activity this word, but, in our opinion, this is exactly it. There are a lot of trials, yaws in modern technologies, multiple improvements in the “core” of this or that program.

    This is how our latest developments for AutoCAD and nanoCAD appeared: SPDS Construction site, SPDS Metal structures, SPDS Reinforced concrete, and also TDMS Fairway - we want to evaluate them with your help. After all, the assessment involves, among other things, a reaction to the assessment.

    In 1994-96, Magma Computer was a "club of interests." Engineers gathered, tried appearing western programs, drew something, then printed on a strange pencil miracle device with a marvelous name plotter. We didn’t really know how to sell, so we took the fact that we offered products and services that were absolutely unique in the local CAD market: plotters, large format scanners and specialized (domestic!) Programs for processing raster drawings. In the same 1996, our "programmer" ascent began. The first algorithm, which allowed to find typical objects on a raster (diodes, resistors; windows, plumbing) was successful, and a year later we recognized walls, columns and doors on the scanned floor plans, then edited them, made reports. Subsequently, this program was implemented in half of the Russian BTI. In the early 2000s, we already wrote programs for engineering and architectural CAD systems, took up the technical documentation. Since then, many years have passed, we have created a lot of things, and now we came to the idea of ​​presenting and discussing our products here in Habré. For us, this is a new platform for meeting with colleagues and users, and some other form of self-development.

    Will our blog be useful to you? We hope so. Imagine a situation when everything is ready: a model, a picture, an animation - and all that remains is to release working documentation ... - here the routine begins, which will take time many times more than the creative work. To automate the routine serve our programs. Show the simplicity and "beauty" of our products, learn to fully use them - this is also our goal at Habré.

    One of the experienced employees, those who, even in the year 95, began to visit our "club of interests," anxiously asked a week ago: "Do you really want to stay on Habré? What are you !? Yes, they will eat us there!" Nevertheless, the decision was made, we are here with you now and do not want to be eaten at all.

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