How companies lose customers who call them. Part 2 - Sales Manager

    CallhelperAccording to the most conservative estimates, the cost of one incoming call from an interested Client to a regional company costs at least 500 rubles.
    And even a superficial study shows that the largest number of Customers, as a rule, the company loses immediately with an incoming call. We have already told how the secretaries "help" in this . How this happens with sales managers, we will look at a real example (not from the IT industry).

    So, for example, take a company for the production and installation of plastic windows.
    The traditional sales chain in such companies is as follows: call to the company → metering → contract → installation → after-sales service → re-order.

    The stages where you can lose the client - 6. And at each loss is inevitable.

    For one window company, we did a small study of competitors: how they receive phone calls. The result was not inspiring:
    • 7 out of 8 managers simply advised us over the phone about the cost of the window and did not try to keep it.
    • 3 out of 8 took contact, called back after 1 hour and again only advised on the cost.
    • Only 1 manager called back in a couple of days to find out a decision about measuring and choosing a company.
    • Fight with simple objections, something expensive (or cheap), not one could.

    In other words:
    • 90% of sellers did not sell anything
    • 60% of sellers lost contact with a customer
    • 100% of sellers do not fight objections

    Hoping for talent, quick wit of employees is too optimistic. That is why we have developed scripts for our client: an incoming call, an outgoing call with a price presentation, an outgoing call-chime. And for each script they set their goal.
    And, as you already noticed, we specially broke the incoming call into several contacts.

    Incoming call. The customer calls and wants to know the price.
    "How much is the window?"
    This question is addressed by 90% of customers. Only 10% (at best) are immediately asked to record for measurement.
    The phrase, “let's sign up for a measurement - it's completely free,” you can’t attract.
    Therefore, we set the following goals:
    • Form an opinion about the company and the manager as an expert
    • Get customer contact

    We achieve the first goal with questions that reveal the need of the client. This step cannot be taken after the sleeves, asking only the window size and the client needs a 2-chamber or 3-chamber double-glazed window. Listen to what questions your competitors are asking and add others so that the client thinks and forms an opinion about you that you are not like everyone else.

    Further, we do not immediately give out the cost, we ask for contact and permission to call back in 10 minutes to present the price.

    Perhaps, during this time, the client will find out the cost from other companies, and we will have a chance to fight objections. With the word “no”, the work of the sales manager begins.

    Outgoing call with price presentation.
    Our client - a window company - works with an expensive A + class profile. For most callers, this is an empty phrase, almost no one understands the difference. And you need to try to present the price correctly.
    The purpose of this call:
    • Presentation of prices and values ​​for the client
    • Objection Fight
    • Record on measurement or obtaining permission to call again.

    We call 2 prices - expensive and cheaper. We tell the components of each package. We pay attention to adjectives for each price. For dear, of course, we reserve the most emotional words.

    And here you can’t do without a prescribed script. To be able to correctly and beautifully express is not given to everyone. Especially on the phone when there is only voice and intonation.
    Without fail, each manager must ask the client for an opinion on our offer. To challenge, give us a chance to fight.

    Again, without the prescribed standards for the fight against objections, only banality can be obtained at the exit. On the objection of customers - something is expensive for you, in 90% of cases it sounds - but it’s of high quality. But everyone says so! Why are you better than your competitors?

    Be sure to write to the manager the benefits of cooperation with your company. Verbally telling their seller will not be enough.

    Promotions, discount standards, everything should be written. Otherwise, it will be forgotten, and the client will never know that you are a profitable company.
    If it was not possible to record for measurement, then we ask permission to call after 1-2 days.
    99% do not. Believe that they will be imposed on the client. What, they say, whoever needs it, he will call.

    There is such an expression: 33% will buy from us and so, 33% will never buy from us, but the remaining 33% need to be fought. And it’s worth fighting actively!

    Now the client has become more moody, he likes when they fight for him.

    Outgoing call - “control”
    The client has already phoned everyone he wants. He has 1-2 companies with which he is ready to work. Our goal:
    • Record for measurement.
    • If it was not possible to record a measurement, leave a good impression and information about the company about yourself.
    • Find out why a competitor was chosen.

    This is the most difficult stage: for a sales manager such a call is stressful. Since he must sell, fight objections, intercept the client from a competitor.

    Most, unfortunately, do not want to do this and do not know how. Incoming calls are simple, outgoing calls are difficult.
    And the task of the leader to teach how to make such calls. The script and ongoing training are loyal helpers. This stage will increase sales. Because competitors most likely do not do outgoing calls. Just serve incoming calls.

    If you increase activity, even according to statistics, sales will increase.

    In previous articles, we talked about how we solved the problem with salespeople home, and why it resulted in writing a separate module for our CRM system. Now we offer to use it for you to create and use telephone sales scripts .

    By the way - in your opinion, do I need to call the client back after he says - I’ll think about it?

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