Interesting international events in April

    Every month, dozens, if not hundreds, of IT-oriented conferences, exhibitions and other events take place around the world.

    For the third time, we collect all the most interesting international dates of this month in order to present the readers of Megamind in one place.

    The FailOver Conference will be held in Moscow on April 10th .

    April 22-24, the Russian Internet Forum will be held .

    NABshow , which brings together media and content creators, will be held April 11-16 in Las Vegas.

    April 12-16, Chicago will host the HIMSS , entirely dedicated to health.

    April 13-15, the International Conference on Information Technology will be held in Las Vegasdevoted primarily to scientific achievements related to IT.

    Atlanta will host RailsConf 2015 on April 21, one of the largest conferences on Ruby & Rails.

    On April 20-25, the 15th RSA conference will be held in San Francisco on various topics in the general direction of information security.

    Dates for Apps World Germany in Berlin: April 22-23.

    On April 23-24, the anniversary 10th Next Next Conference Conference Europe will be held in Amsterdam .

    Interop will be held April 27 - May 1 and will be held in Las Vegas, USA.

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