Work no more, but wisely: how creativity improves productivity

Original author: Stephanie Ciccarelli
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In this article, Stephanie Ciccarelli talks about three ways that help unlock creativity and set you up for success.

What to do if you have a feeling of emotional exhaustion?

More and more specialists from different fields are beginning to understand the importance of not only the competent distribution of working time , but also the creative approach to work.

There are three ways that help unleash creativity, set you up for success, and help you achieve great results at the lowest cost.

Keep up to date with everything

A day consists of many hours, so why not use this time to the maximum advantage? Thus, everything seen and done at work or at home can serve as a potential catalyst that triggers the information contained in the head. The love of reading is very useful in this regard. Home library, reading articles online and subscribing to all kinds of publications, blogs and podcasts.

Even such a simple lesson as reading news on social networks will serve as a source of information. You may not understand where this or that idea came from. The reason for its appearance may be something once seen, said or read.

Draw parallels

You can take a magazine and scroll through it at the grocery store, select tidbits and establish relationships.

Sometimes inspiration and emerging parallels come from an unexpected angle. A case from personal experience. Once I bought an architectural magazine for my husband. When scrolling through it, I accidentally stumbled upon an article. It had two or three sentences that complemented the idea that was already in my head. It turned out very well, since I was able to use this material for a new article.

Steve Jobs once said: "Creativity is a combination of several things." You probably need to be like Steve and combine things in everyday life. You can carry with you a small notebook and pen for recording thoughts, observations and connections that arise in the head.

It is important to collect all the ideas in one place. This helps to always stay organized and achieve the assigned tasks. The main thing is to create a common tank with useful content that you will use once, and then will access it again and again.

Implement ideas

When you have a great idea, and something has already happened in your head, you need to decide how to put it into practice. What will the idea really look like? Will it be something like a blog post for potential buyers or will it become a tool for training internal staff?

Is it possible to understand the main topic from the newsletter? Will this information come in handy for filling out a corporate podcast or will it trigger a series of videos?

It is worth thinking about all the possible ways of applying information, using your creativity and time as efficiently as possible.

Ask the question “Who is the potential audience?” And “Why do we need an idea, what will it lead to?”

Knowing the potential audience helps to understand what the content should be, in what form it should be presented, to whom this information may be interesting, where it should be posted and how to promote it.

Productivity increase

Changing the purpose of something without adjusting the content is a sure way to increase the effectiveness of your work and the productivity of the entire team .

How to increase work efficiency and move to a new level
  • Record all ideas and thoughts so that they do not evaporate. Of course, a professional in his field sometimes has more grief than losing a brilliant idea. However, inspiration comes and goes, so take a moment.
  • To cherish your ideas is as much as time. Time has a price, ideas too. You need to find a source of inspiration, generate new ideas, combine them, imagine what will come of them, in a word, actively manage them.
  • Do not work anymore, work wisely. This is a sure way to put the whole process in your head on the shelves, become more resourceful and eventually start working creatively.

And when do you work most productively? Write in the comments.

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Translation by Vyacheslav Davidenko, founder of MBA Consult

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