How to promote your blog: mistakes, winding up, best practices (for beginner bloggers and developers thereof)

Good day to all habrazhitel.

I am a mathematician in my first education, and already graduated from the magistracy with a degree in Information Technology in the USA.

I have not been working in my specialty (IT specialist) for a year and a half, but still I can’t let go of IT forever. A year ago I started a blog on wordpress (self hosted) and decided to write about sensitive issues. In addition, this would give me the opportunity to poke around in codes and databases, which I just can’t forget. He wrote for friends and friends of friends. I wanted to gather a certain community of pleasant in communication and intelligent people. Looking ahead, I’ll say what happened.

I chose hosting, bought a domain, screwed everything and installed. Simple business. Wrote the first article. The question arose - how to declare oneself? How to let people know that my blog exists at all? He put the link to the article as a status on Skype, the agent in “My World” also installed it on facebook. I'm waiting. Silence. What to do? I went to, started an account, put in $ 10 and, choosing keywords, launched a campaign. For a little people went.

He quickly wrote a second article. According to statistics, I saw a Noah number of people who came from facebook. At that time, my friends were there in the amount of about a hundred. I quickly realized that if I have more friends, then there will be more resonance on share articles. He began to add to friends all who were recommended by the facebook system. You may know each other - YES. You may know each other - YES. Quickly scored about 500 people. Meanwhile, I put another $ 10 on Little by little activity has appeared.
Under the articles I put the share buttons in various social networks. networks - a must!

Since the blog was not originally conceived as commercial, there was no goal to make money on the site. I did not want to spend a lot of money on promotion. In the meantime, he dug up his VKontakte password and began scamming articles there. There was minimal resonance from this. On Facebook, meanwhile, the number of my friends exceeded 1000. A couple of times the system blocked me for a couple of weeks due to the fact that I added friends too intensively.

Then I read about how facebook filters the most interesting statuses and my race for a bunch of friends turned out to be almost useless, which is very sad.

By the way, I almost forgot to say about twitter - as a popularization of articles, he showed himself extremely poorly. Transitions from tweeter were and are single.

There were almost no visitors from search engines. It was necessary to solve this problem. After digging through a bunch of plugins, I chose one, I don’t know if it is possible to call it here and make advertisements, so I won’t. Its whole essence boils down to the fact that it improves the readability of articles for search engines. I do not part with this plugin to this day. Almost immediately (after a week or two) people went from Google and Yandex. I was wildly happy.

There were people who also wanted to share their thoughts. A team of regular hacks and cheaters began to recruit.

At that time, the theme and design of the site was “Factory” from WordPress. I began to think about the logo and color scheme. Announced a competition for the best logo. I wrote off the basic wishes. Fell options. Horror! Among all, I chose a more or less interesting idea. I polished it with a designer from St. Petersburg and put it in a hat. Everything has become more beautiful. The logo appeared. Now when you are scamming articles from a blog, the site logo is next. Super!

I forgot to say that after 3 months I stopped financing advertising. And without this, there were enough visitors and communication.

In the initial stages I tried advertising on facebook. Spent a couple of tens of dollars and realized that the return is very weak and such advertising is expensive.
I want to note that after 2 months my blog was the first in a certain ranking of blogs on attendance across the country (I will not do advertising, I will answer in the comments if it is interesting). Now we hang out in the top ten.

In general, summarizing, tips for promoting beginner blogs:

1. Care must be taken to ensure good readability of articles for search engines. Be sure to set the correct tags, keywords and metadata. By default, a blogging platform can be poorly indexed by search engines.
2. The presence of various share buttons on social networks under articles is mandatory. This will bring a decent share of visitors to your site.
3. Allow commenting without registration. Otherwise, you can push people away with the registration process
4. Allow login with existing social accounts. Networks. There is no need to register and has people to comment.
5. Provide ratings for articles and comments. So users will be able to express their opinion, which, of course, will position them positively in relation to your site.
6. Provide somewhere on the main page (in my right beside the menu) an activity column: such and such a user commented on such and such an article, User1 answered User2, etc. So users can respond to events faster and easier.
7. It is advisable to provide a chat similar to facebook chat (at the bottom of the site). So users will be able to get acquainted and communicate in real time, which of course will positively affect the popularity of the blog. Again, it is not necessary to register in order to start communicating.
8. Of course, it is advisable to get to know everyone and even meet in real life ... for a beer, for example, or for playing the mafia.

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