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    Surprisingly, blog reviews can be read anywhere in our little planet and get exactly the same portion of pleasure! Molodechno scientists conducted a series of experiments on hamsters and found out that these furry animals are absolutely up to the lantern, that interesting things have appeared on blogs over the past week. So we will not be likened to stupid animals, whose place is in a three-liter jar, and proceed directly to the review.

    What is the metro for us except a convenient means of transportation? Well, yes, in some ways, a way of life. How much time do we spend on the subway per week? And during the time that the train spends in the tunnel, the passengers next to us are getting closer and nicer. But there is a certain category of passengers, let's call them conditionally "metro-grandmother", which does not get nicer under any circumstances. So, the Mouse in shock tells the story of the surrender of the metro grandmothers in the ru_metro community. Although for some reason it seems to me that such a story could not happen in the Minsk metro.

    The first Moscow international conference "Blogs, New Media and Citizen Journalism" was held on March 21 at MGIMO (University) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports Journalists from different regions of Russia and Ukraine, as well as from the USA, Korea, Kazakhstan and other countries took part in its work. According to the organizers of the forum, "the science of the Internet is impossible, because there is no established system of concepts. The Internet is constantly revolutionizing and has a unique property of escaping ." Nevertheless, the conference turned out to be unusually saturated with both theory and practice. As the director of the Center for Internet Policy at MGIMO Dmitry Peskov noted at a plenary session, such an open conference format for the University of International Relations is not very familiar. He, in particular, recalled: " Even 4-5 years ago, our system administrators blocked students from access to the Live Journal ."

    Blogs are more and more reminiscent of the gathering of grannies on a bench near the entrance, who seek to criticize and discuss everyone around, tell about the latest rumors, recall the past and so on and so forth, which is usually peculiar only to the forum of beloved “KV” and me. So the girl journalist decided to make fun of well-known bloggers-writers in her article " Preved, Pushken!"(I hope that the editor will not correct the name). Although the author’s competence can also be doubted by the ease with which she brings Coelho into serious writers. The girl imagines herself a great publishing marketer and tells the public that it is worth publishing and what is not. Moreover, it’s such a wonderful sleight of hand of the brain - to smear with plasticine almost all well-known bloggers. Even I hardly get such a feint, but I try, believe me. Here is a quote from this note: "From the expanses of the blogosphere, mediocre graphomaniacs climb into the great literature, who believe that a couple of positive reviews is the long-awaited “ticket to life”. Along with serious literature, creative searches by bloggers representing the value of an eighth-grader’s diary fall on book windows and on bestseller lists, receive awards and regalia. Sometimes it’s well-deserved - if we are talking about the literary antipreview “Full paragraph”, which is solemnly awarded to violators of all norms and rules . "

    The millionth online diary was created on the Blog.Mail.Ru project . The number of users who have touched the world of blogs through Blogs Mail.Ru twice the number of registered Russian users of the popular blog hosting - they boast of figures in the newspaper before us "Novye Izvestia "Yes, let it be at least ten times! And where is the quality? Have you seen in my reviews at least one link to a blog located on the site? Why not? Because it’s not interesting there! There are even a million of them.

    " About star blogs "- in this article (you won’t believe it!) We are told about blogs run by famous people. Personally, I’ve been interested in sportsmen’s blogs. It turned out that this profession includes not only“ but I also eat it ”, but and people who know how to put their thoughts into beautiful text, and just people who have at least some thoughts. Also links to blogs, in the text be sure to read comments -. There are many add-ons In addition, there are links to blogs and foreign stars, so that you are sure to pick up a blog itself to taste.

    WebsiteBlogsticker offers everyone who wants to “paste over” their blog with sticker images - stickers. Stickers - all the same size - can be selected from different categories and added to the upper right corner of the blog. Subjects - the most diverse, including Indiana Jones and the series The Family Guy. The sticker leads to a link to the Blogsticker website, which displays a list of all blogs that host the same ones. Pixsy has similar services - photo widgets for MySpace, and Zingfu has photo masks.

    In the last review, I told you about a bot program that can independently create blog posts and respond adequately to comments. Of course, the message contained a bit of misinformation and even deliberate misrepresentation. But here at the following link you will read a story about a real nest of LJ-robots, which still functions! "As a wise and subtle person, nl says that producing stupid spam bots is a sin. And of course he is right. But to me, a dumb and cheeky person, the idea of ​​playing with robots seemed interesting. Therefore, I piled in PHP a nest for robots with an online interface, where the login is entered, the Yandex Search string and response methods, and other settings fit in. After which the bot starts to work automatically. It turned out that the most difficult (long) time is to create a separate LJ login for the bot. But the bot itself is configured at the moment, "- makes a shocking admissionon his blog Leonid Kaganov. Indeed, in some comments I met the actions of the described robots. And I agree with the author in his fears about the future of the Internet, which will be flooded with robots. Artificial intelligence comes from where no one really expected it.

    As an additional boost to the situation after the previous paragraph, get the next. Blogs and other web resources where users can send messages are becoming more and more victims of spammers: automated programs fill resources with links to pornographic sites, including trojanized ones. Such a warning was issued by the British antivirus company Sophos. In its report, the company gives an example of how the forums of the news site from the Philippines, Newsbreak, filled 27 thousand links to porn sites. Now imagine that the robots described above will fall to spammers. Although, I think, spammers already have such developments, only in the Russian segment of the Internet they are not used - we are poor, there will be no return.

    Some news from the little-known Yandex search engine. In the shape ofYandex advanced blog search (which is still in the testing phase) now has the ability to search for a form item in friends (friend feed): “Search user as a friend”. Moreover, the friend’s search form can now be set to your blog . Currently, three services are being searched:, and But, as can be seen from the official Yandex message , they are not going to stop there and ask to connect additional blogs by sending messages of desire to

    An interesting statistical study was conducted by Yandex. In February, the Yandex.City project changed the algorithm for calculating the Internet index: the company decided that blogs are a fairly important indicator of Internet activity, so we need to start taking into account the behavior of bloggers. In the process of choosing the appropriate characteristics of the urban blogosphere, there have been many experiments on different resulting dependencies. As a result, we decided to use the number of blog posts from this city for a month attributed to the number of local Internet users as an indicator of the activity of urban bloggers. In a study of the blogosphere, Yandex analysts noted that bloggers are most active in big cities. Therefore, it became interesting to build the dependence of this metric: the number of posts per capita of the city’s Internet population - on the size of the city itself.The result is a picture where the horizontal axis represents the population of the city in millions of inhabitants, and the vertical axis shows the activity of urban bloggers (the activity of Muscovites was taken as 100%). It turned out that, on average, the trend is confirmed. But here two points deviate very much from the average picture for cities with a population of less than 2 million people, these points relate to Odessa and Pskov. Odessa outburst does not cause much surprise: Odessa residents are famous for their talkativeness and love for colorful verbal self-expression. But the Pskov people were amazed. Unfortunately, not a single city in Belarus is indicated on the graph.

    I will end the review with a story about the movement of homeless people. What do homeless people have to do with blogs? Oh, the most immediate! They make money blogging! For this reason, read the wonderful and very detailed article . Quote: “ If you ignore the ideological differences, the“ homeless ”just merge in the eyes of the researcher: they earn in the same ways, they blog on the same site, read Kiyosaki, scold prices and the economy with politics in general. Apparently, this is a portrait of a businessman a new wave. How soon will it sweep the entire IT and SEO community? It's interesting to watch . "

    Khomyakolub KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 13, 2007)

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