PC Magazine / RE can be read on mobile devices and e-books

    Today, the largest copyright holder for the use of electronic copies of Russian-language books on the Internet , LitRes and PC Magazine / RE announced the launch of a joint project. Now PC Magazine / RE can be read on mobile devices and e-books - a mobile version of the publication appeared in the online book hypermarket LitRes. Each issue of the magazine is presented in 12 different formats, which allows you to read it on any mobile devices: smartphones, communicators, e-books with screens based on electronic ink (e-ink) and many other specialized eBook devices.

    As noted in LitRes, the entire volume of printed material remains, despite the complex process of re-designing, adapting the publication to a mobile format. Maybe due to this, or maybe simply due to the novelty of such an initiative, PC Magazine / RE almost immediately entered the top ten sales ranking. In turn, the chief editor of PC Magazine / RE Oleg Lebedev notes that the opportunity to offer readers of the magazine information in a new format is very timely. However, according to Lebedev, the mobile version of the magazine does not replace the print edition, but complements it.

    The project itself was launched in mid-April. Initially, the mobile version of PC Magazine / RE was conceived as an experiment, no one expected such a dynamic start. Actual issues of the magazine stood next to such regulars in the bestseller rating of Liters as Daria Dontsova and Tatyana Ustinova. Today, all released issues for 2009, as well as issues of the fourth quarter of 2008, are available at LitRes. Work is underway to prepare the entire selection of issues for 2008.

    The content of the printed edition of PC Magazine / RE in the mobile edition is provided almost completely, the structure of the magazine and materials, including frames, footnotes and infographics, is preserved, there are basic illustrations and tables, premium logos, etc. If the CD included in the set of the printed edition, Additional articles were posted - they are also included in the mobile version. The table of contents is formed by means of a program for reading. At the same time, for obvious reasons, the CD-ROM is not attached to the mobile version (including the keys to a number of software products received by buyers of the printed version), photographs and images are reduced in size, tables are given in the form of graphic images.

    The mobile version of PC Magazine / RE can be downloaded in any of the following formats: fb2.zip, rtf.zip, a6.pdf, a4.pdf, html.zip, txt.zip, java, doc.prc.zip, rb, epub , txt, isilo3.pdb, lit. Payment is accepted in major electronic currencies (Yandex.Money, WebMoney), in addition, you can pay for the mobile version via SMS and through terminals.

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