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    “If you are paranoid, this does not mean that no one is following you.”
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    I read the habratopik code of the blogger . Many see it as a violation of freedom of speech and anonymity. But the Internet has long become (and never has been) a place for freedom of speech. I would like to bring a selection of news on the topic, found in Google for half an hour. It’s not even necessary to comment on them, but simply assembled in one place to compile the big picture:

    1. In Syktyvkar, a criminal case was opened for commentary in LiveJournal
    2. Alksnis Case
    3. Military PUVO caught in the arms trade
    4. STALKER publishers declare war!
    5. The famous case of the Kovrov forum
    6. Putin's insult on the Internet
    7. Case "KlinInfo"
    8. The Case of Pravda.Ru
    9. BitchX Website Case
    10. Bankfax Case
    11. System administrator in a mental hospital
    12. Next term on national basis

    And this is probably not a complete list. Many cases simply did not go public.

    Link to the topic:

    PS Habr audience would like to wish to keep their mouth shut. Think a few times about what you write on forums, in emails, ICQ, Google Talk, in LiveJournal, in comments and other places of communication. And also I advise you to maliciously moderate your resources from “idiots”, so as not to fall under the distribution of efficient government officials.

    PPS Most of the news on the list discuss issues of nationality, so I urge you not to discuss this issue.

    Do not talk

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