Media vs aggregators (Yandex point of view)

    Among the mass of points of view [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , etc.] on the burning problem of online media - the relationship with aggregators - another one surfaced last Saturday. At the MediaCamp conference in Kiev, Lev Gershenzon told how Yandex sees the situation. Download the presentation [.pdf, 1,6 Mb] here .
    If you try to characterize how Yandex relates to the problem, it will turn out in no way, that is, ascertainingly. What is quite good for Yandex, as an aggregator. However, the “medicine” he offers in the form of widgets looks at least ridiculous. Yandex could make a separate business out of its cooperation with the media, but will forgive me ., Integrum , ScanInterfax and other players in this sector.

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