Half of Russian online shoppers order goods abroad

    Yandex.Market and GfK found out trends in online retail in Russia, Vedomosti reports . Half of the respondents ordered goods abroad, 48% paid for purchases with a credit card, 63% of respondents made unplanned purchases, and the average cost of a foreign order was 3945 rubles.

    The survey involved 2414 residents of Russia aged 20 to 55 from cities with a population of over 100,000 in the fall of 2014.

    Buyers choose Russian stores for ordering small household appliances, clothes, shoes, mobile and tablets, and foreign stores - for ordering clothes and shoes, children's goods, mobile and tablets, cosmetics and perfumes. In English-speaking countries they order cosmetics, and they prefer to buy mobile devices in Chinese stores. 39% of respondents made an order in China, 26% - in English-speaking countries. 90% of respondents bought goods in Russian stores. Users began to shop more often on social networks - 22% compared to 17% in 2013.

    In foreign stores, Russians are attracted by a wide range, prices and quality. Obstacles are long delivery times and fears of becoming a victim of scammers.

    63% of respondents returned goods to the store - this figure in 2013 was 51%.

    Store selection

    Buy in foreign stores: 50%.
    Buy in Chinese stores: 39% (25% in 2013).
    Buy on social networks: 22% (17% in 2013).
    Average order in a Russian store: 6591 rubles.
    Average order in a foreign store: 3945 rubles.

    Shipping and payment

    Pickup: 59% (51% in 2013).
    Choose postamata: 38% (20% in 2013).
    Payment by credit card: 48% (36% in 2013).

    Analysts note that the identified trends continue to this day.

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