Future Forecasts for Remote Workers


    I will not say that the future lies in this direction. But for those who are just taking their first steps in freelance, it is important to know that the domestic market is not very attractive. We need to align ourselves with the western exchanges where they pay in currency, by our standards, with dignity, but by their standards ... let's say enough. If I had been well-read, I immediately began to master the assault on Elans and the like, but I took root in my native field.

    I already wrote about choosing a narrow direction in an article on Google Trends , and here I’ll try to briefly explain on the facts why the prospect of big money lies precisely abroad.

    1. Let's see what the world map looks like with the backlight of all devices connected to the Internet.


    Even a blind person will see that the market is most saturated in the English segment and Europe. A product successfully created there will make you the master of, if not the world, then a good cottage in Monaco. Therefore, in the development of software, one should keep a guide to the places where users congest, this is obvious.

    2. Let's look at the flight map.


    People migrate to more attractive, more comfortable countries to live in. More people - more tourists - more consumption - more demand - more market! Again, select the leaders yourself.

    3. Take a look at the map of the illumination of the earth.


    Like in that song “Moscow never sleeps”... Illumination is synonymous with business activity, it shows how violently the city lives at night. This indicator is closely correlated with the sign of wealth, because it allows these points on the map to be illuminated due to the presence of money. Rather, their large concentration.

    Conclusion: research the facts, conquer foreign markets, become successful!

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