The number of budget places in universities for IT specialties in 2015 will increase by 35%

    The number of budget places in universities for IT specialties will increase by 35% in 2015, said Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov at the second all-Russian children's forum “Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia” . This step will eliminate the shortage of programmers, which was discovered in connection with the government’s plans to replace foreign software with domestic counterparts, reports PRIME.

    Nikiforov cited statistics according to which there are now about 25 million specialists in the world who participate in the development of software products, including about 4 million in the United States, 3 million in India, 2 million in China, and only 350 thousand in Russia.

    According to Nikiforov, one of the main reasons for the lack of programmers is that universities are not able to prepare the required number of personnel. At the same time, according to the minister, Russia has the potential for 1 million specialists. “Today we are betting that there will be companies in Russia that will occupy a fairly serious position in the world market and we believe that there are prerequisites for this, primarily based on human capital,” the minister said.

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    If we accept that now there are 350 thousand IT-specialists in the Russian Federation, by what year can the mark of 1 million be reached?

    • 3.4% to 2017-2018 14
    • 6.6% to 2019-2020 27
    • 11.7% by 2021-2022 years 48
    • 32.1% by 2023-2024 years 131
    • 45.9% Difficult to answer 187

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