It doesn't matter what decision you make - it will always be wrong

Original author: Robbie Abed
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I was scared to leave my first job. I did not want to tell my boss that I was leaving. I knew that she would be furious. After all, I went to competitors who were going to pay me a higher salary. I was a traitor. But how could I leave the company for more money. She continued to tell me that leaving the company - I made the wrong decision; and that you cannot make a decision based on the amount that the new employer is willing to pay. And she was right, I really should not have made such a decision, starting from only the amount. And this, of course, was not the main reason for my departure, but she tried to convince me that this was the only reason.

Do you think I made the wrong decision to leave? Since this happened a long time ago, I can say with confidence that I made the right decision. Nevertheless, if I were to ask my past boss whether my decision was right, I would get a definite answer - no. And it makes no difference: let me go and create a new Facebook or become a billionaire. In her eyes - I made the wrong decision. After some time, I realized that any decision that I would not make was always wrong. Regardless of your decision, there will always be a person who will be angry with you. And there will always be people who are negatively affected by your decisions, even the most insignificant.

When I left my previous job to start my own company, everyone thought that this was a bad decision. Actually, there was not a single person who would support me. I had a wonderful job with very popular skills in the labor market, and here - I decided to quit and go about my business.

After 6 months, I can confidently say that it was a wonderful decision. I achieved many of my goals and I was able to completely replace all of my past business relationships, which simply became useless. If you ask me, I will say that I made a wonderful decision. The best solution in the last few years. And my past employer still thinks that I was wrong. If you ask my family, they still doubt that I made the right decision.

They still want me to get back into the corporate world. And now, if I suddenly decide to leave the world of startups and return to the corporate world * - this will make many people happy, except for my new startup friends. For them, I will forever remain a traitor.

* unlikely

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