US wants to fine Ukraine for copyright infringement

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    The International Intellectual Property Alliance ( IIPA ) recommended that the US Chamber of Commerce include Ukraine in the list of countries where copyright infringement is systemic.

    According to the IIPA, Ukraine is a key exporter of pirated digital content in the region - where several popular torrent trackers and file hosting sites are located, and the level of use of illegal software goes off scale - both among private individuals and in government agencies and enterprises. Specific names do not appear in the organization’s report, but it is known that the United States has repeatedly included the demonoid torrent tracker and file hosting in the list of the most pirated resources in the world.

    Countries that are on the US pirate list lose their right to economic benefits when importing goods. Thus, Ukrainian exporters, who are in no way connected with copyright infringement, may suffer if they are subject to a significant amount of duty - the export volume of ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry in the United States alone amounted to $ 650 million last year.

    Ukraine’s image among copyright holders suffered losses after the last scandal with the closure of the file hosting service , which earned a week later. In addition, pirated copies of Windows were found on the servers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which also led to a scandal.

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