“My code doesn't interest anyone” or why good web studios should dispute this

    Hello dear inhabitants of Habr. I was encouraged to write this article. Programmers do not understand . It will be the cry of the soul of a lone novice web perfectionist in the ears of most existing web studios and web developers.

    I am a web programmer, and alas, I understand everything. This is precisely the majority of customers and clients that does not understand something. Recently, a trend has been observed on the web in the style of “an online store in 3 hours with a preference and a ladies basket and personal account, ” but no one thought about what such advertising “jokes” in medium and small web studios lead to.

    For clarity, I’ll ask you to imagine a situation when company A is operating in the market. It offers high-quality websites and online stores at really affordable prices. For example, from 80t.r. Dates from 1 month. And then Vasya Pupkin, 15-20 years old, enters the same market, “creates” company B, or by offering the services of a freelancer he promises everyone an “online store in 20 hours with all the bells and whistles and only 20t.r.” Dumping in any area can be very tough. But it’s especially cruel on the web when the threshold for entering a business is so low that even yesterday’s schoolchildren, who barely read an htmlbook and a couple of related services, can try to earn some free money.
    Customer benefits are obvious. Any Uncle Petya, who begins to study the market, in search of partners to create a website, is likely to pay attention to the company of Vasya Pupkin, than to company A. Because the proposal, at first glance, is more profitable. Here, the site will get faster, and the budget will be saved. But a rare client understands that at the output these two companies will have a completely different product ...

    In the first case, the client after a couple of months of waiting will receive a quality tested online store with a working basket, order statuses, automatic catalog updates, etc. etc. And most likely in the future all that he will need is concomitant support, updating and improving the existing functionality to meet new requirements, new content, and after some time, possibly a redesign. As a result, the development studio will sign a long-term contract for simple support of a quality service that is convenient and pleasant to work with.

    What happens if the site is made by the company of Vasya Pupkin? And here is what! The client receives a poorly working website that somehow processes orders and reacts very painfully to any alterations and edits. Usually, in the first days of use, the client begins to find holes and jambs in such a site, which, logically, he will ask to fix. What is Vasya's company doing in this case? There are basically three options. First - She hammer the bolt, and ignores the customer, leaving him 1 on 1 with g ... sorry, with the product that he made. The second - Vasya, wanting to stay on the market and not lose his or her not so outstanding person, begins to make corrections for free (by agreement or by oral agreement. It doesn’t matter). What spends additional and already unpaid time. And the third option (fantastic) - Vasya is a talented marketer a la Steve Jobs,

    All this, of course, is sad, and hits the pocket of honest web studios that try to make a normal product, but cannot compete with such Pupkinmi. In especially difficult cases, it remains only to equate services to the same level and turn into the same quick-coders as a competitor.

    And you know what saddens most? I have absolutely no complaints about the companies that recruit yesterday’s schoolchildren and students, who come in completely green and know absolutely nothing. It’s stupid to find fault with the code of people who learn everything right in the development process. I myself, in principle, am not a major developer. It is sad when experienced, knowledgeable people intentionally write the same bydcode. I have often come across sites on which even an elementary banner cannot be replaced or fixed in a standard and understandable way. And the elementary operation, which should be spent no more than 5 minutes, turns into a painstaking study of the code until you get to the very depths and somewhere there you find a couple of lines that Lead or Senior once added to this project, because it knew the core of CMS perfectly , and this method was the fastest for him.do not care .

    Really all these people do not understand that earning a web studio is not just “selling a watch”. The more efficiently these watches are sold, the greater the profit! In other words, when you create an online store in 20 hours, and then spend another 20 free hours to edit bugs, this is selling 40 hours at a price of 20. This is not a benefit - it is a loss. And when then such a site comes to your support, working with it is also not profitable. Instead of quick edits and changes, developers have to understand incomprehensible code and add their crutches to be on time. Over the years of such support, there will be so many crutches that would suffice all the cripples of the country. And including 3 spare pairs.

    It’s a completely different matter when a good, high-quality website comes to support. Working with them is a pleasure. Minor edits do not take more than 5 minutes. Imagine how many such edits 1 employee can make in an 8 hour business day. With this approach, even with a small staff of programmers, you can take dozens of large projects to support without fear of blockages. But alas, this only happens in fairy tales, and even projects made by eminent studios are crammed with all kinds of crutches to the eyeballs, because the developer did not keep up with the deadlines. He was convinced of this more than once.

    I do not insist that you need to explain to customers what the code affects and why it should be good. It is necessary to focus on the other. It is necessary to explain how the project of your good studio will differ from the cheaper proposal by Vasya. And even if the customer still insists on a cheap option, you must try to make the code as high as possible in order to make life easier for yourself and your colleagues, who may have to support your product.

    I have already written so much, and probably not everyone will be able to get to the end. Therefore, I want to say thanks to those who still mastered. As I wrote at the beginning, I understand everything. I understand that nobody needs my code. And I understand that this text will not fix anything from the described problems, and that nobody needs it either. And everyone will still be code on the web. But the hope does not leave me that maybe at least one of the readers will be imbued with this idea, and maybe in the future, I will get one more good project. Made by a programmer who loved his job and did everything according to the rules, recommendations, and standards.
    But in any case, thank you all for your attention, and see you soon!
    PS Karl lovers finally picchu on real events

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