Digest KolibriOS # 9

    So the sultry summer came to an end, and no less sultry autumn came. But despite the heat and desire to relax, the community continued to work on Hummingbirds, and there is something to show. I warn you right away, under the cut a lot of pictures who are not afraid Welcome.

    - implementation of a new program, driver or library
    - implementation of something within the framework of GSoC
    - download link

    System-wide changes (kernel, drivers, libraries):

    • new proportional scalable system font
    • increased speed and stability of IDE drives, and SATA in IDE mode.
    • Ability to work with any of the installed network cards (previously the first detected network card was used)
    • console.obj : mouse scroll.
    • kmenu.obj: library with the implementation of the main and context menus.

    Changes in application software:

    • Eolite : change the attributes of both a single file / directory or a group of selected ones; custom font size; progress bar in the copy dialog; work of shortcards on layouts other than English; two panel mode; remembering the size and position of the window; multiple fixes and optimizations.

    • WebView : use of new system fonts; improvements and bug fixes.
    • MouseCfg : check and configure mouse settings.
      Spoiler heading
      The program allows you to check the performance of the mouse, adjust the speed and delay of the cursor, and is also a shell for working console programs that allow you to make the edges of the screen through (the cursor when you reach one edge, jumps to the opposite) and also emulate the mouse using the NumPad key.

    • TmpDisk : displays the size of the created disks.

    • TextEdit : toolbar change and full menu

    • TinyPad : fixing a bug when working with the clipboard.
    • Calypte : a reader of text files.
      Spoiler heading
      Current functionality:
      - opening text documents in DOS encoding
      - navigation using the keys PgDn, PgUp, Down, Up, Home, End
      - adapting the output to the window width

      As you can see, the functionality is not rich, but very soon you should expect a tab, a custom font, and a lot other useful buns.

    • Calc : Use a larger font to display numbers.
    • Client the VNC :; support ZRLE / TRLE, 32bpp, keyboard; bug fixes and refactoring

    • End (C-- version) : new design.

    • MTDBG : reduced window redraw at program startup.
    • TicTacToe : a new logic game, a feature is that it is written in Oberon07

    • Maze : a new logical game, a feature is that it is written in Oberon07

    • ALMAZ : a new arcade game, an analogue of Lode Runner

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