Microsoft released MS-DOS code 1.25 and 2.0 under MIT license

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Microsoft has released the MS-DOS code 1.25 and 2.0 under the MIT license, see the corresponding repository on GitHub , do not pay attention to the phrase “for reference purposes”, it is outdated. This is the code that became available in March 2014 as a shared source (“look, but don't touch”) on the website of the Computer History Museum ( news on Habré ). All that has changed now is the license, and it is compatible with the GPL .

Both versions of MS-DOS are very old, they don’t support much of what has worked in subsequent ones. So, for example, only in the second of them folders appeared and redirected using the "|" sign. So, despite the compatibility of licenses, it is unlikely at least a line of this code will fall into FreeDOS or DOSBOX. But the analysis of their sources will not prevent the improvement of compatibility.

PS There are attached some executable files. It is clear that BASIC and BASICA in DOSBOX will not work, they need BASIC in ROM. And MODE earned, but he “knows” only the parameters 40 and 80, and the parameters co40, co80 and mono are unknown to him. He also earned MASM, but it is for those who can do it.

PPS I apologize that I noticed the news late, better late than never.

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