DataTalks # 2: Data Visualization

    The second meeting of the DataTalks community was dedicated to data visualization - one of the most important and powerful tools in the hands of analysts. Indeed, the decisions and conclusions of the customer depend on how the results of the research work are presented. In addition, visualization helps to conduct preliminary data analysis and quickly find new relationships.
    Under the cut you will find recordings of speeches by representatives of the companies Wargaming, Ambitious Suits Consulting, Targetprocess, A2 Consulting and the Internet portal TUT.BY. Speakers shared their experience of visual and informative presentation of data.
    The meeting itself was traditionally held “under the tank,” in the main office of Game Stream LLC, the Minsk office of Wargaming development.

    Data visualization for business using BI QlikView / Alexander Gonchar / A2 Consulting
    Alexander showed examples of using the QlikView BI system in various Belarusian companies. The analysis and visualization of data using QlikView helps A2 Consulting clients not only monitor the state of the business online, but also find ways to increase profitability.

    Data visualization: R and Tableau Desktop / Alexey Yurkevich, Dmitry Shchegrikovich / Wargaming
    Alexey and Dmitry shared their experience in visualizing data using the R and Tableau Desktop applications. In the story about R, Alexei emphasized several packages that allow you to start visualizing data without special preparation.
    Dmitry spoke about the advantages of using Tableau Desktop for data visualization, and also warned against several common mistakes that can be made when presenting data to the customer.

    Interactive and static infographics. Peculiarities of data perception by the mass audience / Vadim Shmygov / TUT.BY
    Vadim Shmygov conducted a small retrospective of his best works and talked about what tools and data he uses to create intuitive and relevant infographics for the almost four million audience of the TUT.BY portal

    Points of pain in analytics presentations / Victor Smusin / Ambitious Suits Consulting
    Every analyst who works with a business must be able to correctly, clearly and clearly convey his ideas and conclusions to customers. Victor spoke about the basic rules, compliance with which will make any presentation more effective.

    Visual techniques in the field of decision making / Natalya Yadrentseva / Targetprocess
    There are patterns of data visualization. But does their application always lead to the desired result? Natalya showed several examples of how traditional methods of presenting data can interfere with the perception of information, and also presented alternative options for presenting statistics that are more convenient and simple.

    DataTalks meetings began as informal events for data analysts. On their basis, it was possible to assemble a real community with its regular participants and experts. Inspired by the topic of data visualization, we have prepared a small infographic that will help you get acquainted with our community:

    Report from the first meeting of the DataTalks community : Analyzing data to solve business problems

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