Typegram News

    Hello! Two months have passed since the announcement of typegram on Habré. And I just have a terrible amount of news and cool stories for you! Everything is developing so rapidly that it’s even scary. I'll start with a greeting:

    Hi, my name is Vadim, I represent the typegram project . Typegram is an open source online publishing platform.

    This is what I was trained to do at YC startup school. Start by introducing yourself and your project.

    Yes, we (or rather, I) somehow strangely came to this wonderful place where a bunch of the same schizos saw their projects and each week tell about their achievements and failures. There is also a bunch of useful videos, from successful mentors with an extraordinary approach. They tell interesting and atypical. About his first impressions and how things are going, I already wrote , I will not repeat. There are links to videos of past years. As soon as I finish school (in three weeks) I will definitely write in more detail. Let's move on to interesting things (all that I will talk about is in the public domain on the github ).

    Let's start with the monsters:


    Each user now has a personal mascot, monster or avatar simply put. Each avatar is unique and is generated for username. Here, for example, the autark of a designer who drew monsters:


    How it works? At the first request to the address ru.tgr.am/a/username.png - the server checks if there is a picture with this name. If there is - render. If not, it collects pictures from parts, in the github.com/recoilme/tgram/tree/master/data/monster folder - there are pictures of body parts, and they simply are assembled into one image. It turned out very convenient. Firstly, everything happens on the server once (no javascript brakes). Secondly, the designer simply threw pictures into folders and voila (in fact, he drew a week on the grid in Photoshop so that his mouth didn’t run over and it turned out cool) You can play around by downloading typegram and slipping other pictures into folders, everything works automatically. If, suddenly, you want to supplement the monster’s media library with your work - wellcome. Here is still alienated from bindata code , which formed the basis. If you want to try the generator from the command line, for example.

    44 Essays.

    An unexpected turn, but very important. Unexpected, because not about dev, but important because a person is a playful and creative being. I don’t remember who said it, but not the point. We launched a competition for beginning authors - 44 essays. Well, as they launched it, the Hemingway Calls channel launched its telegram, but the works themselves are posted on typegram using the 44esse tag. Anyone can

    take part in it. There will be offline art parties with reading the best stories, though without iPhones at the end of the event. I think this is important, because after the announcement on the hub, many began to publish stories on the taipegram. And it's great and interesting.Try it , it's free.

    Integration with Email

    Good old email is great for sending out notifications. For example, when a user is mentioned in a comment. Then my crush on writing a full-fledged competitor gmail was not enough, I'm sorry, and the banal integration on smtp was screwed. Technically, Yandex sends the letter. You just need to kick him. In go, it's simple. Try it, look at the code , if you also want to just send push.

    Auto-publishing in telegrams

    appeared scriptwhich sends an article in telegrams. This is a very controversial thing. In telegrams, everything is bad with the formatting of materials, on the one hand. Writing long posts in it is extremely inconvenient. Now the post can be written to the taiperam, and if it is tied to a channel, everything will happen automatically. It looks like magic. But there is little practical benefit. Because, as a rule, it’s more interesting to write a banal eyeliner with a link to the article at the end than to pass through this hellish converter here. In general, such a feature, technically interesting, practically - of little value. Implementation on github

    Statistics Server


    I am specifically bombed by how poorly implemented analytics counters. And they bomb even more because all of themmonitor users to show then the toilet, at the most inopportune moment. Fortunately, there are free alternatives. I chose the Fathom project. Now the statistics can be viewed directly in the rill time: stat.tgr.am and no toilets. There is also its own, primitive statistics - right in the project code. Each article has a view counter. For each subdomain, DAU and WAU are measured, and all this is implemented without collecting personal data on the server.

    Features planned in the near future:

    Server less android application


    We came up with a very interesting concept. On mobile platforms - the taipram will work as a messenger. Notifying you of state changes - instantly. How it works.

    Google has such a thing as notifications. It's funny that in addition to the usual notifications, there are hidden “premises”. You can send arbitrary json to the application, and it will be processed as a push, but without an alarm message at the top of the screen. Well, or with an artificially created notification, here it is to your taste. There is still such a thing as channels. So, let's put it all together. The application subscribes to the channel typegram / all For example. And on the typegram / recoilme user channel for personal notifications. When publishing a new article - the server sends to FCM - notification - a new article is released. The application processes and renders it. Conveniently. Real time. And no requests from the application to the server. So far we have collected only a working prototype. Description of the idea here: github.com/recoilme/tgram/issues/107

    And you can see how this is implemented on the side server here . The application is sawing habr.com/users/chukachichi - as soon as it is not embarrassing - he promised to put it on a github)


    We will embed this cutest cryptocurrency in the world directly into the engine . Each user will have a wallet and the ability to donate in one click. And yes, if you are interested in this topic - I’m still free! Want to try? Wellcome.

    In the end, I would like to once again thank all the visible and invisible contributors. Without you, the taipram would not have developed so rapidly. And many of them came from Habr. Come and you. Opensource is primarily fun and makes it possible to realize the most daring things. No one will give you at work to embed Dogecoin into the site as payment. And on typegram - you will be greeted with open arms!

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