The secret of high conversion for online stores

Published on September 12, 2011

The secret of high conversion for online stores

    The goal of every online store is to earn more money. This is generally understandable, and for this, any commercial project is being created. And in order to make more money, you need to increase sales. Accordingly, in the sphere of online stores under consideration, increasing sales reduces either to increasing site traffic (usually by increasing advertising budgets) or to increasing the effectiveness of ongoing advertising, that is, within the existing budget. The result of increasing the effectiveness of advertising will be an increase in the conversion rate of the site with the current level of traffic. Here, too, everything is clear, we can say that we have already figured out the basics! :)

    Now the question arises - “how can one actually increase the effectiveness of the site’s advertising?”, Because no one wants to spend extra money on advertising, especially considering that its effectiveness in most cases is at a very low level.

    There are many different tricks that can increase the effectiveness of online advertising. On the network you can read a lot of information on this topic. But in any case, to monitor the effectiveness of online advertising, you need to use web analysis. It is he who will help to track all the parameters of traffic on the site, help to understand the behavior of visitors, identify its shortcomings and show at what step to buy a visitor leaves the site or even from a basket filled with goods. As an example, one of the most famous ways to track the effectiveness of a site’s interface is A / B testing. But it is used when there is already a sufficient level of traffic on the site and the site owner understands that any innovation should be tested together with the existing version of the site.

    However, the most effective method, not even the method, but the initial approach to business, is the thorough design of the site interface.

    In order for the site interface to really positively affect the effectiveness of advertising, increase sales and conversion, it is necessary to think it over correctly from the very beginning. It is necessary to do this in accordance with the needs of the target audience, while taking into account the paths of visitors to the site, their eye movements and many other factors. On the topic of proper website design, you can also read a lot of interesting materials, and thus, you yourself can completely think through the interface and structure of your entire online store. It will be completely yours, it is worthy of respect, but, unfortunately, not the fact that it will bring real profit.

    There is a simpler way. To understand what a “good site interface” is, you can take for analysis some of the most famous and successful online stores in the world. And since the analysis is always carried out for some purpose, the purpose of this analysis may be to "borrow" any successful ideas or interface elements from eminent websites engaged in online trading. You do not need to completely copy the entire site that you are analyzing, you do not need to translate it into your native language, look more broadly. Walk around the online store you have selected. Starting from the main page of the store and ending with the last step of placing an order. Pay attention to how the main page is organized, what elements are put forward on the front page. A very important point is to register on the site, it is important to know whether the online store is selling to unregistered users, most likely not, then you need to look at how easy the registration form is to fill out. Still worth paying attention to the organization of the basket of goods and the process of placing an order. In general, evaluate from the position of the buyer and mark what you like.

    This is not a complete list of details that can be seen on the sites of the largest online stores. Here are some of them with the highest conversion rates. - is one of the most famous online stores. Everyone knows him and, for sure, every self-respecting owner of an online store compares his brainchild with It may not be good to copy the interface of sites of this level, but still they use a lot of the right things, and at least you need to look at them. On January 8, 2011, a conversion of 9.6% was recorded, with a traffic level of, it’s just a gigantic figure.

    It is rightly considered the No. 1 site for online shopping. Nothing is simpler and better yet. A few years ago, only books could be ordered on this site, but now absolutely everything. It is also important that buyers have written reviews for almost all products, so you can always find out the advantages and disadvantages of the selected products in advance. Delivery in most cases is free. If the order is more than $ 25 and the buyer is an Amazon Prime Member, then 2-day express delivery is always free. is a well -known flower and gift trading site. A lot of attention is paid to all possible details on the site, it is implemented just fine. According to various sources, its conversion rate ranges from 14.1 to 26.5%.

    A detailed study of the purchase process of the ProFlowers website has provided a lot of extremely useful information. We can say with confidence that ProFlowers is a great example of how to make the checkout process well. Most of the design steps are related to the nature of the company’s activities (for example, the ability to send gifts and flowers to other people). Perfectly organized upsell and crossell events. Although the buyer checks the components of his order, however, during the entire process of placing the order, the goods in the basket are displayed on the right, but without indicating the cost. This reminds the buyer of upcoming costs.

    Schwan’s is an online food trading store with the highest conversion rate of 40.6-41.2%. A stunning result!

    Vitacost- health products, functional nutrition, dietary supplements, vitamins and the like. It seems to be quite a typical representative of such stores, but it has an atypical conversion level from 16.4 to 24%.

    WomanWithin - Undoubtedly, selling clothes online is a huge and still rapidly growing segment of the online trading industry. Among most online clothing stores, WomanWithin is staggering 25.3% of the conversion. This position probably allows you to earn really large amounts in this market.

    All of these online stores are more than worthy of imitation.
    This article is based on the material - on this resource you can see graphic materials with diagrams of the interfaces used on the described sites.