Crash test Apple iPhone 4S

Published on December 29, 2011

Crash test Apple iPhone 4S

    I already published a post on Habr about crash test of iPhone 4 which was carried out by Technokrash laboratory. Judging by the number of votes cast for the post, people liked it.

    Now Technocrash is testing 2 copies of the “experimental” at once (one device for one group of tests, the second for the other), and the iPhone 4S became their last “victim” .

    It’s not necessary to read everything - it’s too detailed there - I give only a link to the output and video.

    Crash test results iPhone 4S .

    iPhone 4S scored 613 points out of 686. Translated to a 100-point system - 89. Against 94 points for iPhone 4. But here it is difficult to compare - after all, the testing methodology has undergone great changes.