How to transfer data from Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords advertising systems to Google Analytics

Published on November 25, 2013

How to transfer data from Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords advertising systems to Google Analytics

    We have repeatedly written and talked about the tremendous power of Google Analytics. Having set up the necessary reports, you can track and analyze online and offline campaigns, as well as learn a lot about site visitors and improve the quality of interaction with them. In comments on past GA material , we were asked to tell in detail how to link a Google Analytics account with Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords advertising systems.

    Transfer data from AdWords

    As you know, Google Analytics and AdWords are products of the same company, so they are easy to integrate and complement each other perfectly. Linking the accounts of the two systems allows you to analyze the actions of visitors to the site, including how they interact with the resource after switching from an advertisement: what is the failure rate, how much time they spent on the site, the number of pages viewed, how many visitors first visited the site, and .d. In the end, you’ll understand how much of the traffic and sales came from AdWords. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your advertisements and manage your campaign more rationally.

    After linking the Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, they will be able to exchange data, and you will have the opportunity:
    • Import Google Analytics goals and transactions into AdWords
    • View Google Analytics data on traffic to your site in AdWords
    • Create remarketing lists in Google Analytics and use them in AdWords to target a specific audience.
    • Automatically view AdWords click and cost data next to Google Analytics traffic data to your site.

    Instructions for linking AdWords to Google Analytics

    We go into the Google AdWords account using the login and password for the Google Analytics account:

    Click on the “Tools and Analysis” item, where we select “Google Analytics” from the drop-down list and thus get into the Google Analytics account.
    Next, go to the "Administrator" section, where we select "Establishing a Connection with AdWords":

    Click "Add Account":

    A window appears:

    Select an AdWords account and click the "Next" button. In the window that appears, select the appropriate profile and click on “Link accounts”:

    The next step will be to check whether automatic tagging is enabled. To do this, click on the icon .
    On the page that opens, you must select "Resource Settings":

    Next, a view window opens:

    We put a tick in the box “Allow manual tagging” and click the “Save” button. Now all of your AdWords campaign data will be passed to Google Analytics.

    We transfer data to Google Analytics from Yandex.Direct

    If you run an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct, it can also be linked to a Google Analytics account. This will allow you to track the number of clicks on advertisements, analyze the effectiveness of the campaign as a whole. There is an opinion that the data on advertising in Yandex.Direct is better and more accurately presented in Yandex.Metrica . But according to our observations, both analytic systems give approximately the same data with a slight error.

    Instructions for linking AdWords to Google Analytics

    First you need to create a linking URL. To do this, use the following tool:

    • In the "Website URL" field, you must specify the url of your site.
    • In the "Campaign Source" field, specify YandexDirect.
    • In the "Campaign tool" field, specify cpc.
    • In the "Campaign Name" field, indicate the name of your advertising campaign, for example: "Flower Delivery", "taxi order" and so on. It is recommended that you take the name of the campaign the same as indicated in the Yandex.Direct campaign. It is strongly recommended to register the company name in Latin letters (transliteration), for example, Dostavka_cvetov, Zakaz_taksi. Please note that instead of spaces we put underscores.
    • Next, click on the "Create URL" button.

    Here are the standard label names for linking accounts, but you can use your names, most importantly, so that you can further understand them without confusing with others.
    Next, you need to make the settings directly in your Yandex.Direct account :

    Go to the campaign page, in our case this is the link “Buy dresses. Promotion ”:

    At the top there is a link“ Change settings ”. You must click on it and you will be taken to the "Campaign Parameters" page. Scroll to the Advanced Settings option:

    Click on the Show link. In the menu that opens, check the box next to “External Internet statistics”:

    Click on the “Save” button, after that you will be taken to the page of your campaign. Follow the link “Edit announcement”:

    In the field “Link to the site” you need to insert the link that you previously received in the linker URL:

    Below is the button “Next”. Click on it and go to the "Estimate CPC" page. Set the parameters you are interested in, if any. If not, then scroll down the page and click on the button “Send for moderation”.

    By linking your Google Analytics account with the Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords advertising systems, you can track information on all traffic channels and site conversions in a single system.