Night photo for everyone

Published on April 12, 2008

Night photo for everyone

    The first publication on this resource.
    And so what we have.
    One site on which it is possible with a (at least a SLR) camera and a desire to take pictures, get into many clubs (so far in Moscow).
    To do this, the administration needs to indicate the Club (event) that I would like to attend, and the date of the event (2 weeks before the event)

    . The administration of the site will do the rest, and after 2 weeks you will need to “make” a photo report and submit it to the gallery in the website.

    + This site is that each of the beginners, and people who have already photographed before, will be able to get with their photo equipment to any events like the press, and he will have the opportunity to realize his skill in full force.