Free online school for Android developers

    The first T-Mobile G1 Android phone was introduced in October 2008, and now there are more than 1 billion active users of the platform around the world. According to statistics, 1.5 million Android devices are activated every day. Applications and developers are the main component of the Android ecosystem, so for us the task of training and helping developers is one of the highest priorities.

    Today, e-Legion and Google jointly launch the first online school of mobile Android developers .

    Since 2011, the e-Legion mobile app development companyorganized free offline schools of mobile developers. The first was the iOS school, which collected more than 200 applications and released 12 students in the fall of 2011. Then there were schools of mobile developers for Windows Phone and Android. With each announcement on Habré we were faced with the question of whether there will be a recording of lectures and whether it is possible to participate for those who do not live in St. Petersburg. Each time we answered something from the series “soon everything will be”. And now, finally, this “soon” has come. We decided to create a school, which anyone can enter from any city and which can be accessed remotely.

    Our new school course will consist of 13 lectures on Android development. Representatives of such companies as Tinkoff , Aviasales , JetBrains took part in the recording of lectures., OK.RU, Kaspersky Lab , Parallels , LinguaLeo , , ABBYY . During the course, experts will tell not only the theory of development for Android, but also show various chips, as well as share original ideas that appeared in the process of working on their own applications.

    Every week, starting on March 30, we will issue 1 lecture. Published lectures will be available for viewing at any time. After each lecture, students will be asked to take a test to consolidate the material. And according to the results of the entire course, a final test awaits you. Students who successfully pass the final test will receive a certificate from Google on the end of the Android school.

    Participation in the school is free. All that is required is to register on the school website.
    The official hashtag of the school #learndroid, write your reviews, we will be happy to read them.

    See you in class!

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