Coronavirus: why you need to act right now

coronavirus, coronavirus, covid-19, covid19, epidemic, pandemic

In iTunes, a song without sound climbs to the top of the top

iPhone, iTunes, song without sound

Vkontakte sued for issuing personal data of a user of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

VKontakte, court, personal data

Prospects for mining in Russia, when the laws governing the crypto are adopted: what options are there

cloud mining

Unexpected announcement of Civilization VI: the game will be released on October 21 (+ video)

civilization, civilization, games, strategies

Dell XPS 12: When You Don't Have to Choose between Laptop and Tablet / Dell EMC Blog

Dell, Dell XPS 12, Windows 10, Intel Core m, tablet, 2-in-1, thunderbolt 3, usb 3.1

Some Tesla buyers from Germany will have to return 4,000 euros to the state

electric cars, tesla, subsidies, refunds

Coffee Lake processors may need new motherboards

Intel, ASRock, Z270, Z370

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket was canceled 13 seconds before launch

spaceX, launch, launch cancellation, Falcon 9, cargo, ISS, astronautics

Intel takes Radeon graphics in its multi-chip module

Intel, AMD, Radeon, EMIB