Unexpected announcement of Civilization VI: the game will be released on October 21 (+ video)

    Unexpectedly for many of us, today 2K Games has announced a new, sixth part of Civilization. The first trailer of the game and the release date are presented - it will appear on the shelves of Civilization 6 stores on October 21. The developer is Firaxis Games, and a novelty will be released on PC. By the way, this year the game turned 25 years old - a quarter of a century. At the moment, the number of sales of copies of all versions of the game amounted to about 33 million.

    The announcement says that the principles of managing the game world will remain the same - gamers will not have to relearn. However, the developers could not add a few importantupdates. So, cities will grow, taking up more and more space on the map. Cities occupy several cells at once, and all this can be structured in such a way as to benefit from the placement, receiving bonuses from the surrounding territory. Player actions will affect many parameters of civilization. Achieving victory will be one of five ways.

    Now game units can be attached to each other, which allows to improve the degree of control over the troops. For example, mechanized units can automatically follow infantry, and civilians can be “asked” to advance along with the army.

    AI has also been rewritten, so players will have to deal with altered game dynamics. The game itself is based on a new engine, which allowed developers to achieve a higher level of detail environment. Nevertheless, the gameplay has not changed dramatically, as mentioned above - you do not have to relearn.


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