Privatbank announced a competition. $ 200 payment system

    Do not consider that I am creating an advertisement, but it is really funny. Opening my account in privat24, I saw the news:

    Privat24 Internet Banking announces a competition to develop the best module for connecting online stores.

    Having opened the market to transactions and receive financial information using its API, the most advanced Ukrainian Internet Banking Privat24 goes further and invites all developers of web applications and just programming lovers to make money in a competition to develop the best module for connecting online stores. The competition is held until April 5, 2010. The list and description of the API is available to everyone on the site . The developer of the best module will receive a prize of $ 200 in his account in the LiqPAY system, in addition, the authors of all workable modules sent as part of the competition will also be awarded with rewards of 100 UAH.
    Modules for the most common cms are welcome: Drupal, joomla, WordPress, osCommerce, amiro.cms, Ubercart, Magento, PrestaShop.

    In the comments, a whole battle unfolded - everyone who is involved in web development openly neighing with an offer of $ 200, Privatbank employees convince that this:
    $ 200 - a weekly salary of an average programmer.
    You better write a module and look at the results (: For a professional, this works for a couple of days, are you a professional?

    Of course, I understand that this is not a cost of work, but a "prize", but still it’s not solid somehow

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