Swype - an interesting keyboard for Android

    Swype is a keyboard for Android that makes typing fast and convenient, you do not need to type each character individually. You just drive the right letters by connecting them with their line and get the right word. Previous versions of the program worked only on WVGA devices such as NexusOne, and Motorola Droid. Now everyone can try this wonderful keyboard. The installation process and the principle of use can be seen in the video.

    I put the new keyboard "on to try." What can I say? The first sensation is that it’s not quite customary to slide your finger over letters :) But after some training, typing speed increases. At least the guy on the video does it much faster than mine. The program has one minus so far - there is no support for the Russian language, while the developers have only English and Spanish in their assets. But, I hope, they will soon add our mov, then it will be possible to strengthen the training and draw final conclusions about what is faster - the traditional method or the “drawing” method :) Download the program Swype


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