About finding Web 2.0 definitions. Look from the other side

    Siddthartha calls for a comprehensible definition of Web 2.0 in a nearby habratopike . This definition is sought by so many, including the instigator of this entire search - O`Reilly. The definition of Web 2.0 can be divided into two components - ideological and technological. Regarding ideology. Despite all the calls of the ideology of Web 2.0 for free services, universal love, friendship and equality - it, this ideology, is mainly probed and formulated by people who want to make money on all this. These people, building a model of Web 2.0, immediately build for themselves a model of Internet marketing 2.0. The Web is Changing - Internet Marketing is Changing. That is, it turns out that the search for the definition of Web 2.0 is basically a search for Internet marketing trends.

    For the ideology of Internet marketing 2.0, a relatively clear definition can be given. First you need to describe such an area as human needs, for this we turn to the Glossary.ru site . So:

    Need is an internal state of a psychological or functional sensation of insufficiency of something.

    Primary needs are needs that are physiological in nature and usually congenital. Primary needs are:
    - need for food, need for sleep, etc.
    - need for security

    Secondary needs - needs developed in the course of development and gaining life experience. Secondary needs are:
    - the need for belonging to a particular social group
    - the need for respect
    - the need for self-expression

    Information need - a need arising when the goal facing the user in the process of his professional activity or in his social and domestic practice cannot be achieved without involving additional information.

    Information need can apparently also be attributed to secondary. Based on everything written, an approximate definition of the ideology of Internet marketing 2.0 can be deduced. So:

    The ideology of Internet marketing 2.0: mainly satisfying the surfer’s secondary needs for free, you can still earn money by satisfying his primary needs.

    From here you can probably derive a definition of the ideology of Web 2.0, but is it necessary? ;)

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