Food Design Digest, February 2015

    For almost five years now I have been publishing regular reviews of recent articles on the topic of interfaces, new tools and collections of patterns, interesting cases and historical stories. From the tapes of several hundred thematic subscriptions, approximately 5% of the publications worth publishing are selected, which are interesting to share. Previous materials: April 2010-January 2015 .

    Food Design Digest, February 2015

    Patterns and Best Practices

    Interaction Design Best Practices - Mastering the Tangibles
    UXPin cheerfully began the year with the release of a series of e-books. Fresh - about the design of interaction.

    Non-blocking UI's with interface previews
    Callum Hart about using the page loading indicator, which Facebook proposed several years ago - instead of a dull twist, the screen structure is shown.

    Interface animation sample collections

    I'm the Fold
    An interesting experiment showing where the screen ends on different devices. You can clearly see the bunching around certain numbers. Continuing the topic:

    Visual Design for White Labelled Products
    Cale LeRoy from Cooper on product design features without preset branding, the so-called White Labelled Products. Branding is customized for each specific client. There are three approaches: 1) only the customer’s logo changes (co-branding); 2) full customization is available; 3) only a few predefined settings are available. The author recommends the last of them.

    Carousel Usage Exploration On Mobile E-Commerce Websites
    Kyle Peatt from Mobify conducted a detailed study on the use of carousels on mobile websites.

    Design Details: Instagram for iOS
    Brian Lovin continues to parse the interface patterns of various mobile applications.

    Improve Validation Errors with Adaptive Messages
    Baymard Institute on adaptive forms errors.

    Links are broken. These three alternatives have improved our readers' reading experience
    Sebastian Kersten about the problems of the classic format for placing links in the text (they lead the reader in the middle of the material) and several ways to solve them.

    Testing Accordion Menu Designs & Iconography
    A small test of the layout and various types of folding / unfolding accordion icons from Viget.

    User understanding

    Little Data, Big Data and Design at LinkedIn
    An interesting case study on the approach of the LinkedIn research team to analyze incoming user information. They combine data from multiple sources to understand behavior patterns. The article is available only by registration, but free.

    Measuring Attitude Lift
    Excerpts from Chapter 9 of Jeff Sauro’s new book, Customer Analytics for Dummies. He talks about Attitude Lift (changing user attitudes). They are asked to evaluate the attitude to the product before and after use and compare these indicators. If there is a decrease in the level of attitude after use, then the problem is with the interaction, or users had unrealistically high expectations from the brand or product.

    Considering the Consideration Funnel
    Chris Risdon writes about the complex processes of buying goods and services on the Internet, when the user can quit the checkout process for a more detailed study of the information, and not because there is something wrong with the interface.

    Natasha Dow Schull - Addiction By Design
    Design for addiction. As a design to achieve flow, the latest ergonomics and behavior management techniques can be effectively used for dark UX practices. Natasha Dow Schull talks great about the principles of design of slot machines in a casino.

    The Paradox of Empathy
    Scott Jenson on four types of empathy in design. Continuing the topic:

    Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently
    A very good overview of the nuances of working with older people from Ollie Campbell.

    Design Features in Asia

    Information architecture, conceptual design, content strategy

    The Ultimate Guide to Information Architecture
    Explained cameron article on information architecture by Cameron Chapman.

    Design and design of interface screens

    The release of Resonator, a new extension for Photoshop, that helps to collect, store and "cut" for developers icons and any other graphics, has been released. It supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and retina. It will be useful to all mobile, some web and generally all those designers who are tired of the constant manual cutting of graphics for transmission to developers.

    Designing For Wearables To Enhance Real-Life Experience
    Jonathan Kohl's cool stuff on designing and designing smartwatch and bracelet apps. Many nuances of working with a physical device, contexts of its use, stories from practice. The second part of the article (there is no obvious navigation between the parts).

    New to Sketch

    New for Quartz Composer

    Designer's Toolkit: Prototyping Tools
    Emily Schwartzman has made an interactive version of her prototyping tool comparison table.

    New for Apple Watch

    New About Material Design

    Things I've Learned About Sending Email, For Web Designers And Developers
    An excellent Lee Munroe training tool for email newsletter designers.

    New for Pixate

    Publishing Tools

    Mobile Prototyping With An
    overview of how to use on Smashing Magazine.

    New for Adobe Illustrator

    Core Animator
    A new tool for turning animations into native iOS code. Animations of characters, instructions, user interface elements, and even full scenes. Suitable for designers who want to create attractive animations and developers who are tired of transferring these animations from some kind of visualizer or prototyping tool into code. Supports Objective-C and Swift.

    Precursor - Fast prototyping web app, makes collaboration easy
    In the new year, new prototyping tools have not yet rocked very much, but it’s fresh. There is nothing special in the description, just to the heap.

    User research and testing, analytics

    How to weight data to make more balanced decisions
    Jeff Sauro on custom research weighting methods.

    Getting to Know Your Data Types
    Jeff Sauro memo for categorizing user research data.

    Don't use one way mirrors for UX research
    Lisa Duddington shares her experience in usability labs. She writes about the shortcomings of the traditional layout of laboratories when using one-way mirrors. Such a trip is outdated; instead of mirrors, it is more convenient to use screens in the observer's room.

    Field visits and user interviews: 7 frequently asked questions
    David Travis about when to use field research and laboratory tests.

    6 Voice of the Customer Tools That Can Save Your Business
    Tools for collecting feedback from users.

    New about card sorting

    Testing your site with live people. You enter a link to your site, write a task, live and real users test your site, you receive video from testing-performance of tasks, ... profit!

    OneTwoSplit OneTwoSplit
    service for A / B testing application descriptions in the AppStore and Google Play.

    How We Do It: Wargaming and the User Experience
    About research at Wargaming.

    Visual programming and design in the browser

    Why you should be excited about CSS shapes
    An excellent overview article about the possibilities of CSS shapes that allow you to make effective magazine typesetting with the flow of images around a complex mask. However, while support in browsers is weak.
    framework for creating live guidelines.

    Web Typography

    Work with color

    CSS Devices
    A pack of templates for smartphones and tablets made in pure CSS. They are available in different colors and orientations.

    How CSS Animation Works

    New for Framer

    A Deep Dive Into Adobe Edge Reflow
    A small tutorial on working with Reflow.

    Designers: Start Coding With uilang
    A beginner's guide to working with uilang.

    Work with SVG

    New scripts

    Designer work in Swift

    Designing For Print With CSS A
    great tutorial by Rachel Andrew on how to use CSS to make printable versions of pages. Moreover, the possibilities are so vast that you can get a good book layout with all the features from the cover and content to footers and footnotes. A PDF script generator is also offered. Continuing the topic:

    Build Your Own Product Hunt With Telescope And Meteor
    How to create your Product Hunt on the Telescope platform.

    Management of front-end projects, processes and teams

    Design and the Corporation - A Reply from Darrel Rhea
    Darrel Rhea very intelligently describes the evolution of design departments in large companies. How and why they were needed at different periods in the development of the profession and the market.

    UX Debt in the Enterprise: A Practical Approach
    A very sensible case for using the concept of front-end debt to process a large line of products. The article is accompanied by a calculator in Excel.

    Design is Valued. Now what?
    Luke Wroblewski, it’s not enough to just hire a lot of good designers to create a great design. Need a change. For a company to become truly focused on design, the company itself must change, and designers must change.

    Routines on Projects - Why They Deserve More Attention
    About useful practices that develop a design team.

    Radical Redesign or Incremental Change?
    NN / g Hoa Loranger on the “big” redesign: “In most cases, it’s preferable to evolutionarily improve the product. A radical redesign is only shown if the product is so poor and neglected that it cannot be noticeably improved without a complete rework. ”

    PJ McCormick - Leading Projects Through Danger
    PJ McCormick on how Amazon's UX team works.

    The Road Less Travelled
    Performance by Mike Atherton at UX Cambridge 2014. He talked about combining brand strategy with UX and product strategy.

    Defining User Experience Strategy
    Continuation of Austin Govella's series of articles on the UX strategy. Part 5: choosing the right goals; and  Part 6: targeting the team .

    UX Recipe
    Calculator of the cost of the design process as a whole.

    UX Hiring Handbook (PDF)
    Craig Morrison's short brochure on how to hire UX designers.

    Product Management and Analytics

    Head of Lamoda analytics: “Increasing conversion even by a percentage is a lot of money for us”
    Cool interview with Igor Selitsky, head of analytics at Lamoda. A lot of interesting things about tracking user behavior in e-commerce.

    Data-Informed Design: Three Data Stories
    The third part of a series of publications by Pamela Pavliscak on working with analytics data in interface design.

    It's Kind of Cheesy Being Green.
    Interesting about the complex marketing decisions behind the green text messages in iOS.

    The Guide to Minimum Viable Products
    Russian translation of UXPin's MVP book. Continuing the topic:

    Methodologies, Procedures, Standards

    Learn Design Principles
    Memo website for key design principles. Other principles:


    Product Design Unification Case Study: Mobile Web Framework
    Published the story as an article on Smashing Magazine. The editorial process in the publication is, of course, hardcore - all iterations of revisions and improvements took about six months. But it turned out cool - now I know with what sweat and blood their level of quality of materials is achieved. Over time, there will be a continuation about content projects and the technical side. Russian version and publication for the BEM website .

    Features of the UX-designer in the "iron" project
    Features of work on the interface in the "iron" project on the example of "Simkomat". Ilya Alexandrov divided the article into two parts: about the features of the hardware and  specific solutions and cases. It will be more interesting for practicing designers.

    Designing Twitter Video
    Paul Stamatiou on the design of the Twitter Video app for the iPhone.

    Editorial CMS

    Emotional Design Fail: Divorcing My Nest Thermostat
    Kara Pernice from NN / g used the Nest thermostat for several years, but recently replaced it with a simpler model. In the article, she analyzes her experience in using the thermostat from initial admiration to ultimate disappointment, pointing out violations in the design of both the Nielsen heuristic and the principles of the emotional design of Donald Norman.

    Accessibility Originates With UX - A BBC iPlayer Case Study
    Case study on the BBC iPlayer in terms of accessibility. It shows well that compliance with basic guidelines is not enough and you need to check the design on living people.

    Bloomberg Business' new look has made a splash - But don't just call it a redesign
    A quick introduction to restarting the Bloomberg news site, one of the most powerful media redesigns of recent times. Joshua Topolsky, who had a hand in Engadget and The Verge, hit the publication in the summer of 2014 and influenced what the final result would be. They seem to have launched the updated policy section before it. No less bold design of their fairly strong design conference Bloomberg Business Week Design .

    Unsolicited Redesigns


    The Future of the Web Is 100 Years Old
    The Nautilus article lists all the concepts of the Internet over the past 100 years, with a great focus on the idea of ​​Paul Otlet. Interestingly, the problem of information overload, which was largely generated by industrial printing in the 19th century, was already being tried to solve.

    Of Mice And Men
    Another piece of information about keyset, the experimental Douglas Engelbart keyboard.

    Time Travel by Book
    Christina Wodtke uploaded her selection of books on information architecture, which she composed 10 years ago.


    The Wolff Olins Report 2015
    Explanatory report by Wolff Olins on the modern role and meaning of leaders in companies, as well as the importance of design thinking for them.

    Forecasts for 2015

    Автомобильные интерфейсы

    On Meta-Design and Algorithmic Design Systems
    Rune Madsen on the topic of algorithms that generate design and the new role of the designer in such a world.

    Sorry, But Google Glass isn't Anywhere Close to Dead
    For corporate customers, Google Glass glasses are actively supported and have good prospects in this narrow niche.

    Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game Launch Trailer
    Heart rate as part of the input method now in the consumer market. We expect an increase in the use of the algorithm, including for the treatment of functional disorders based on biofeedback at home in a playful way.

    Pebble Time - Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises
    Pebble has announced Time, a new generation of its smartwatches. It’s not so interesting to talk about characteristics and usage scenarios; all platforms do the same thing, plus or minus.

    What’s really interesting is the insanely cool animation orchestration done on color e-ink. Firstly, the approach itself with a smooth transformation of elements, when all the actions in the interface look like one big and connected animation. According to a similar model, material design works and this is a new level of complexity for designers. The Android bootloader, what John Schlemmer does , is a guideline for the near future. This is not a cheap cheat with springs that make a Michael Bay movie from the interface - half of Dribble is now given to these crafts.

    Secondly, the fact that this is possible on electronic paper, which is not very much favored by top manufacturers. The first Pebble had ridiculous delays, but the new model produces 30 FPS - everything looks very, very smooth and effective. And while holding the battery for a week, and not dying by the beginning of the next day. They say the third YotaPhone will also use color e-ink. If they get something similar - we are waiting for the heyday of this technology, which suddenly turned out to be cool for design.

    Fashion ecommerce - Are virtual fitting rooms the silver bullet?
    An article about the use of virtual dressing rooms in the online sale of clothing. There are arguments for, there are moments casting doubt on the effectiveness of these decisions. In general, there is where to move. And the article can be read for general development and to see examples of fitting services.

    New about virtual reality

    Wearable electronics

    For general and professional development

    Applied UX Strategy, part 2: The Product Designer
    UXMatters published my second article in the UX strategy series on product designers. This is a significantly augmented and restructured version of a recent presentation on the topic . Russian version . Continuing the topic:

    Review: Online UX Courses
    Arun Joseph Martin conducts a comparative review of four website designs with online UX courses: All You Can Learn from UIE, Udemy, and SkillShare. Other tutorials:

    Everyday IA
    February 21 is the International Day of Information Architect. The article congratulations from Louis Rosenfeld. The theme of 2015 is the Architecture of Happiness.

    Back Pocket Apps: Let's Reconsider the Wireframe
    Golden Krishna writes The Best Interface is No Interface, a book about designing apps without a user interface. UXBooth published a chapter from it. Book site .

    Designing Case Studies - Showcasing A Human-Centered Design Process
    Senongo Akpem talks about creating good portfolio cases at Smashing Magazine. How to focus on the task and the result, rather than project artifacts. Continuing the topic:

    The UX Reader: Book about the work of the MailChimp UX team The
    translation of the UX Reader bookfrom the MailChimp team is a collection of articles from their mailing list. Part 2 .

    Quickpanel: UX Certifications
    Opinions of renowned experts on UX certification.

    Ergonomist No. 39, February 2015 (PDF) The
    latest issue of the Ergonomist Bulletin is dedicated to user interfaces.

    Khan Academy Internships
    Elizabeth Lin about her internship at Khan Academy.

    Jonathan Shariat - Tragic Design
    Jonathan Shariat writes the book “Tragic Design” about interfaces that kill.

    People and companies in the industry

    Shopping Design Studios

    How Paul Rand Pioneered The Era Of Design-Led Business
    How Paul Rand made changes in design for large companies.

    Why Design Needs Entrepreneurship (and Entrepreneurship Needs Design)
    Christina Wodtke about her career when she moved from design to business and came back more experienced.

    Jeffrey Veen: Next
    Jeffrey Veen leaves Adobe for True Ventures as a design partner. Continuing the topic:

    How Startups Valued At $ 1 Billion Or More Put Design First
    Excerpt from WSJ's largest former startups study, which cites companies with a particular focus on design. The full version of the list .

    New AMA Sessions

    Why Samsung Design Stinks
    Kevin Lee, former head of product strategy and UX at Samsung Design America, talks about the difference between Samsung and Apple's design approaches.

    Fresh links can also be tracked in the same Facebook group . Thanks to everyone who also publishes links in it, especially Gennady Dragun, Pavel Skripkin, Dmitry Podluzhny, Anton Artemov, Denis Efremov and Evgeny Sokolov. More and more materials appear in reviews thanks to them.

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