A few words about this blog.

    Dear readers, friends, colleagues and partners!

    This post opens the Oversan-Mercury blog on the esteemed Habrahabr.

    The best blogs come from those that publish materials that are really interesting to the authors. It is so obvious that it does not even require an explanation. However, the Web is filled with texts clearly written for one purpose - to publish text for the sake of text, just to post something new.

    We would like to go the other way and write about what is really interesting. It is interesting to us, and to most readers of Habr. In addition to stories about our own projects, ups and punctures, “best practices” and innovative solutions, we plan to write about new technologies, trends and issues in IT. Mostly, of course, the focus of data centers and everything connected with them.

    We will try not to limit ourselves to bare text and will use the full power of the Internet in order to bring information to your eyes. Therefore, in our blog you can safely rely on photo stories, videos, polls and even comics. Of course, in the comments you can always ask any relevant question and get a balanced, sane answer to it. We, just like you, do not like trolls and will try to prevent dirt and empty quarrels in our corner of Habr. We are counting on your attention, help and support, just as you can count on us.

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