A few words about Koss Porta Pro

    Requests of dear readers were heard - pushing aside the segment of expensive headphones, I’ll tell you about some interesting and inexpensive ears;)


    Headphones are not new ... I will say more - they are quite older than me) But that’s why they are no less interesting. Welcome to cat!

    Judging by the number of positive reviews and comments in reviews of other headphones, such as “ huh - I have a Koss port pro and I'm satisfied ”, the headphones are really good. Well, at the same time you can check my objectivity)


    Headphones are sold in a black box made of hard cardboard. A box not from the category of Chinese crap - not a shame and a gift)


       The headphones themselves, the adapter from 3.5mm to 6.3mm and the case rolled up into the tube are inserted into the foam. At first I even thought that it was some kind of (for some reason) flashlight ... but it really is no more than just a case with a lace.



    Headphones ... well, I don’t know - they don’t want to gain confidence in their design) A thin metal arched headband (thanks to which the headphones can be twisted almost into a ring) connects the two “ears” and allows them to move along this very arc, depending on the size of the listening head.


    Above the "ears" are foam inserts for a more thorough fixation, as well as the correct location of the headphones on the head.

    The speakers themselves have a small degree of freedom - they can rotate a small angle relative to the axis of the headband, which can also positively affect the convenience of fixation. But the fit is still not the best - whatever one may say, and the sound from the surrounding external world will penetrate under the flat soft ear cushions. The wire goes to both sides, and the wire is strong enough (at least at first glance), with a straight plug at the end.


    In general, the headphones are very pleasantly located on the head - they do not particularly press. And at the same time, these are not some huge things that make it difficult to turn your head - the weight of the “ears” is so small that at some points you forget that you even have headphones on. Who is gadget-hung, am I gadget-hung ?! (from) :)



    As for the sound, the port pro remains a popular model of over-ear headphones for many years now for a reason. The first thing you pay attention to when you listen to these headphones is the bass that is amazing in depth. Such a deep and rich bass range is rarely found even with much more expensive headphones. However, this is not the only merit of Porta Pro. Almost any listener who is not spoiled by expensive portable equipment, but who is used to listening to players with complete headphones, will be extremely impressed by the overall sound quality. Both high and middle frequencies are worked out quite well and sound played, whole, with good natural sound.


       Electronic recordings on the pro port sound very impressive - powerful, dynamic, with excellent depth and detail. The headphones show themselves very well when playing other music genres. Perhaps only hard rock is clearly not their element - although its sound is full-bodied, hard corrugated chords of bass guitars and elastic kicks of bass-barrels are displayed very simplistically. Because of this, the aggression so necessary for metal suffers significantly. However, in my opinion, this is the only noticeable drawback of Porta Pro.


    You could already notice a small token (or coin?) In the pictures. It is pleasantly heavy, metal, embossed. The inscription says that the allegedly Koss Porta Pro headphones are already 25 years old and it’s time to get a cake with 25 candles ... But, to be honest, I’m somewhat perplexed by this figure and I really don’t understand what it means. 25 years ago I wasn’t even in the project, so I can’t say anything about the sound quality of the model of those years :) So hardly a quarter of a century ago were precisely these ears, with just such a design and sound quality. And the “new old” model, like, is only 5-6 years old. Maybe 25 just hit the name of the model, which is a kind of abstract guarantor of sound quality? May be so. But whatever it was, I congratulate the hero of the day)


    This bonus is only available in a limited number of Koss Porta Pro 25th Anniversary Edition headphones , which are no different from the version. Well, nothing ... except at a price and a limited edition - with this very coin :)

    And yet ... who else has what versions? :)

    Pros and cons

    - Case included;
    - Metal headband, folding design;
    - Good almost "omnivorous" sound, value for money;
    - Price.

    - The design is so "transparent" that I personally have almost no confidence;
    - Judging by the reviews, over time there may be problems with the L-shaped connector;
    - Weak insulation, not the strongest “clip” to the ears.

    The price for the “with a coin” version is about 1300 rubles, while the cost of a standard configuration starts from 800 rubles.


    The end

    Eh ... about ten years ago I was an inveterate metalman - James was a kind of idol and I literally did not get out of black T-shirts with turtles. And, perhaps I would still listen to METAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL and wear a beard if somehow somehow everything itself did not dissipate or disappear) Despite the “ancient” age of Koss Porta Pro, which means there’s a slight chance to unconsciously hear them at that time, no there is no merit in this regard) Now I just listen to different music to my mood and that's it.
       So if the listener is not an ardent fan of rock, and also does not intend to spend several thousand on the purchase of expensive headphones, then he can safely recommend the heroes of this review, who have already lost their charm after a considerable age.
       Given the cost and the fact that it is fully recouped, these headphones can be taken for home or everyday wear, as well as a gift to someone who belongs to the notes without snobbery.


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    Good luck and with the upcoming!

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