Aaaaaaa: talking heads!

    imageDoes this thing already work?! .. Hello, Habr!

    We are Sasha and Slava, two trainers-consultants, two “talking heads” . We teach people to work smarter, work and grow, work high.

    Now that all power is in our hands, when we have a button, we will teach everyone to live, enjoying their work, from the fact that the results of the work will turn into understandable money and the sweet word “Career” will become tangible from the ephemeral concept road map to the heights of the implementation of their skills and experience.

    What we do: we make good Managers from lazy Engineers (when it turns out :)).

    How we do it: under local anesthesia,we conduct courses and trainings on careers in IT, speak at various conferences and think about our mega-konfu, conduct a podcast "IT-radio: PROMRAZRABRAKTA" and talk a lot, with people who want to move and grow about their career and development .

    We started in 2009 with the training “How to Become an IT Manager” , the recording of which was downloaded by 2000 specially hired robots. Not all listeners had the strength to listen to this 4-hour talking room to the end, but of those who mastered, many became managers. In total, last year approximately 500 gullible listeners entered our networks. There are no injuries, 99.99% are satisfied (and we will ever figure out that boring guy).

    In a nutshell about the startup engine“2TH: 2 talking heads” - about us, trainers and course developers.

    Sasha Orlov: tester, test manager, project manager, 8 years at Intel and Sun, his own book , a site for satisfied managers, a coaching career. Skinny, bald, with glasses.

    Glory to Pankratov:
    DBA, developer, tester (in this order), test manager, consultant, trainer, several thematic web projects , work in Yandex, now in corporate education. Training, sales and marketing. Fat with glasses.

    Conclusion ("and at this time in the castle of the Chef").
    - Sasha, and we seem to have done a bad job with the name of the startup.
    - Why?
    - And if tomorrow we have a third "talking head"? ..
    - Let the third head think :)

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