Korean Pocket Dictionaries

    Remember, a couple of years ago pocket dictionaries-translators were popular, like these:

    Do you think they died? Nothing like this.
    Poking around in one Korean store in search of the most pleasant offer for the player I want, I came across a huge number of offers for the sale of Electronic Dictionary.
    The first device that caught my eye just struck me with its characteristics. Meet Inkel MU-D in person. Inside neonka 4 GB flash memory, arm processor and Win CE 5.0! More detailed specifications:

    • Screen: 4.3 "TFT 480x272, rotatable (!) Touchscreen
    • Operating System: Windows CE 5.0
    • RAM: SDRAM 128MB
    • Flash memory: 4GB Flash
    • Expansion Slot: SDHC
    • Broadcast Support: DMB
    • Broadcast Support: DAB
    • Support audio formats: mp3, ogg, ac3, wma
    • Support for video formats: DivX, XviD, WMV, MPG
    • Battery: 1800 mAh
    • Dimensions: 148 x 21x 95mm
    • Weight: 297g

    And the most delicious is the price tag. Less than $ 150 (carefully, the link is a thick picture for a few megabytes). Delivery to Russia will cost about 25 evergreen pieces of paper.
    A couple more pictures: The only serious minus that stops me from buying is no, not the Korean interface, this is easily fixable. Lack of network interfaces. And, as I understood from the descriptions, the lack of a USB-Host function. Yes, alas and ah :( But one more piece of hardware was discovered - Istation Udic Standart. Such here: The main characteristics are similar to those of Inkel MU-D, but of the nice bonuses there is support for swf, a hard disk of 30 (or 60) gigabytes, more capacious battery (4500mah versus 1800) and (attention!) WiFi! The price tag, however, is no longer so tempting -

    225 green raccoons .

    Of course, the disadvantages of the lack of support for the Cyrillic alphabet (and possibly the English interface), guarantees and other unpleasant little things are likely to outweigh, and I can’t buy such a toy. But their hands itch - well, they’re cool, right? ;) Put the ssh client with bluetooth into such a thing and you get the perfect device that I want;)

    PS: I almost intentionally did not mention the device working hours - these data are indicated in the Korean language in the picture, I could not recognize them.
    UPD: But in the second piece of hardware, it seems, there is still support for USB-Host! UPD2: set Google on the store page. Result - This product is not DMB, and WiFi. Apparently, the pictures have a slightly different model. A pity :( UPD3: Yes, here

    Model with wifi, 293 American Presidents. :(

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