Trial versions of CS6 available for download from Adobe servers

    UPD : Apparently, it no longer works. Wait for links from the official site.

    The network has links to trial versions of the CS6 product line, both for individual products and the entire Creative Suite. There are no download links on itself, but the files are already on the CDNs.

    There is no English version yet, but you can safely download
    ko_KR / zh_CN / zh_TW / da_DK / de_DE / es_ES / es_MX / fi_FI / fr_CA / fr_FR / it_IT / nb_NO / nl_NL / pt_BR / sv_SE / cs_CU_TR_TR_RO_RU_PL_RU_RU_PL_RU_PL_RU_PLZRU_PLZRU_PLZRU_PL_RUZL_TRZ_RU_PL_RUZLU_TRZ_RU_PL_RU / PL_ROZL_RU / PL_RU / PL_RU / PL_RU / uk_UA

    As usual in such cases, you need to start downloading any trial from the downloads section, then copy the direct link to the download manager.

    Link to the page with links

    It is likely that as soon as the English versions are available on Adobe servers, the information above will be updated using the link above.

    It looks like the server is bent, the copy is in the cache .

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