Nokia N900: “Not enough memory in the selected location”

    Yesterday, returning home from a business trip, I decided to update the firmware of the Nokia N900, which I took with me to Nizhny. I stood there a hefty old, even uncomfortable in front of knowledgeable guys.

    However, when I tried to make this simple, in general, the case popped up a message "Not enough memory in the selected location", from which I personally did not understand a damn thing. What memory is not enough? In what such a "location"? Who chose him at all? I? So I did not choose. Does General Feylur again unauthorized read my disk?

    Rebooted the device - it did not help.

    I got on the Internet and from the first try I found instructions on how to fix the problem. There would be happy, but I was sad even more. So that you understand why, I give the entire instruction.

    install rootsh package, if not already done
    root root,

    copy the contents of / usr to a 2 gigabyte partition, the duration of this procedure depends on the number of packages installed up to this point. it’s better to take the
    cp / usr / home -p -R so far;

    mount the copied folder to the old
    mount –bind / home / usr / usr point

    to ensure further auto-mount after reboot; edit the script in which the fstab
    vi / etc mount file is generated and applied /event.d/rcS-late

    look for this fragment there and insert our magic command in this place
    # We can safely continue booting now.
    initctl emit MOUNTS_OK

    / sbin / swapon -a || echo “Failed to enable paging partition.”

    mount –bind / home / usr / usr

    # Setup lowmem module
    echo 32768> / proc / sys / vm / lowmem_deny_watermark_pages
    echo 98304> / proc / sys / vm / lowmem_notify_high_pages
    echo 131072> / proc / sys / vm / lowmem_notify_low_pages
    echo 1024> / proc /

    sys_paym_naymrnm Yes? To trivially upgrade the firmware, you need to write a lot of interesting commands, edit the script, mount something ... Honestly, I have not been absolutely categorical from such a perspective. I have been updating the firmware for a long time, but with such an unnatural prelude ...

    It is interesting that Linux connoisseurs rejoice in the comments to the instructions: oh, how simple it is, how convenient it is.

    Again, I thought about a fundamentally different chromosome set for these beautiful aliens.

    Fortunately, soon an easier way was discovered to update the N900: “We hammer into the application manager, enter the terminal, turn on root and drive in apt-get upgrade. When a question appears, answer “y”. Files begin to download. At the end of the process, a command prompt appears. We drive in reboot and enjoy the new firmware! ”

    I tried - it worked out. It is not clear why the guys from Nokia did not fasten the graphical interface to this script and put it somewhere in a prominent place? After all, the N900 is very acidic, and I didn’t find any warning signs, such as “Windows and Mac users are strictly forbidden to use”.

    And so - a cool gadget.

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