OpenCV 3.0 release with Python 3 support

    The third version of OpenCV (Open Computer Vision Library), a popular library of computer vision algorithms, image processing, and general-purpose open-source numerical algorithms, has been released.

    The release includes approximately 1,500 patches sent via github. It is mentioned that OpenCV uses a large amount of Intel Intellectual Property (IPPCV), which the company handed over to library users for free, without license fees, for commercial and non-commercial use. Hardware acceleration using OpenCL is now available to developers through the T-API (transparent API). In addition, a huge number of new features, performance and stability improvements have been added to the third version of OpenCV, you can read more about everything here .

    This is the first stable version of the library that fully supports Python 3. For Windows and Python 3.4, binaries can already be downloaded at . The module still has the name cv2 .

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