PhoneSoap kills microorganisms on the surface of a smartphone

    Over the past few years, many experts conducted research aimed at studying the surface cleanliness of smartphones and mobile phones. The results of these studies were unequivocal - even in a public toilet there are fewer harmful microorganisms than on the surface of a smartphone. In general, the results of some studies can be trusted, and many smartphone owners are looking for a way to clean their devices from harmful bacteria.

    It is clear that after such intimidation by doctors, many owners of mobile devices are looking for a way to clean their device. Well, since there is demand, then there are offers. Some of them are reliable, others are not very reliable. The other day there was another interesting solution, this device, called PhoneSoap.

    The device is an aluminum case, inside of which there are emitters of ultraviolet radiation, fatal to 99.9% of microorganisms. Here are samples of microorganisms from the surface of the smartphone before and after processing (a sample is taken, placed in a nutrient medium, then specialists analyze the species composition of microorganisms in a cup).

    The case does not interfere with connecting the device to charging, so that you can clean it simultaneously with charging, for example, at night. True, there are some problems - for example, how quickly can I get to the phone, which is in the case at this time?

    The developers claim that their device cannot prevent the owner from hearing the alarm. PhoneSoap is not yet available for purchase; it is exposed by developers on the Kickstarter service. Developers need about 18 thousand dollars, and the “soap for the phone” can be put into production.

    Via dvice

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