Cycling routes appeared on Google Maps

    Google Maps developers came to the bikers summit and reported good news. From now on, you can get the best cycling route around the city on Google Maps. The corresponding option appeared in the “Directions” drop-down menu, where you can choose a car, walking route or public transport.

    A time calculator for each cycle route has also been developed. They promise to add a height difference indicator and an approximate forecast of cyclist fatigue.

    Everyone who rode a bicycle around the city knows how important it is to know all the nuances of the city infrastructure (bike paths, bike lanes, wide sidewalks), and God forbid run into a steep long climb. Bikers themselves have already drawn up bicycle mapsfor some cities, but official support for Google Maps was still missing. And now, finally, the beta version has been rolled out. Most of the information comes from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy .

    It is curious that this particular feature turned out to be the most popular, according to a survey of all users of Google Maps. In second place, according to the same survey, tourist routes.

    via cnet

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