A problem you probably never knew would be

    As you know, in Russia to obtain a SIM card, you must present a passport and be of legal age. The address is written, full name, it is necessary to sign. Still, as you know, Russia is a big country. And in every more or less large city, a large number of postal codes is used, although there is an official one ( you can go to Wikipedia for an example ). If you look at your passport, then on the stamp with registration is missing this same zip code. Now the question is: where does the correspondence come from? That's right, to the office with the specified index.

    But when registering a SIM card, as a rule, they DO NOT ask for an index, because data is filled out from the passport. It came to me by accident, I went into my personal account on the operator’s website, which I recently connected to. Fortunately, you can change the data, otherwise the wrong index would remain.

    Why am I doing this ... Let's say you got into a minus and forgot about it. You are happy to pay, but there is no one to remind. And then it is not known how this could be fraught. I'm talking about debt default, failure to appear in court, etc.

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