Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 - Russified style library in PSD format

I present to you a modified library that allows me to simulate the interface with a simple mix of the basic elements - CSS Twitter Bootstrap v. 2.0.

Absolutely all elements of the library are presented in vector form and can be easily changed in scale and color. Most of the gradients and effects used were created by me in such a way that it was possible to change only the main fill color with one click, while other composite colors are automatically substituted in the layers.

Original Bootstrap v. Twitter library license 2.0. in English located here . All the icons in the file are in raster format. The license does not allow the free distribution of the "vector" of a constantly replenished collection of iconsGlyphicons , author named Jan Kovařík. However, you can compensate for this shortcoming by using a similar collection of vector icons of the Font Awesome project .

“Russified Bootstrap 2.0 - Style Library in PSD format” is allowed to be used for absolutely any purpose, including commercial, with the exception of direct sale (commercial sale) of the library itself.

Use in pleasure and share successes, wishes, the found shortcomings!
For the author of the Russified Bootstrap, not only comments on technical performance, but also wishes on missing elements will be valuable. For example, the calendar and graphics are not included in the official Bootstrap. Do you need a clock, design chat rooms, etc.?



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