Google is building a new data center in the United States

    Google Corporation is investing $ 300 million in the construction of a new data center in the United States. Region of construction - Iowa, USA. According to the corporation, Google has already invested about 900 million dollars in the construction of various facilities in Iowa. About 50 people will work in the data center, including positions such as specialists in air conditioning systems, logistics, computer repair.

    Construction takes about 1000 acres. Unfortunately, there is no information on how big the new data center will be. In addition, it is not known when this data center will be ready. A large data center of the company, which was opened in 2009, is already working in Iowa. This data center serves services such as Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps. The new facility will provide additional capacity for these services.

    A special tax model was created for this data center, thanks to which the company will pay less than would be expected if it worked according to the standard scheme. Thanks to this, the corporation decided to build a data center in Iowa, and not in any other state.

    Previously, the corporation was planning to build a data center in Nebraska, but due to the creation of an attractive tax model in Iowa, it was decided to build a new data center here. A little earlier, the company had already begun construction of an additional data center in Oklahoma.

    Via businessweek

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