Report from CEBIT 2010

    To tell or read about any exhibition is a thankless task. That's why it is an exhibition so that manufacturers and players of any industry can show themselves and look at others. This year, according to tradition, we moved to Germany, to the city of Hanover, to show ourselves and others to look at the largest exhibition in the world on information technology, CEBIT 2010. And we traditionally publish a photo report equipped with brief comments so that you could admire the perfect or be surprised at the unusual.

    Last year, CEBIT, it seemed to us, was deliberately bright and “rich”, as if all the exhibitors had agreed to ignore the crisis and put up one hundred percent. The exhibition was opened by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, "our man in California." The current governor-terminator of the most technologically advanced state fit perfectly into the surroundings and attracted a lot of attention from non-core media to the exhibition.

    This year, everyone seemed to calm down. There were fewer high-profile statements and initiatives, and the very atmosphere of the exhibition, as it seemed to us, became more calm, measured, and at the same time, restrained and business. During the rise, all attention is focused on business, and the advertising tinsel habitual in the bread-time is fading into the background.

    This year, sunny Spain became the general partner of the exhibition, the country is very worthy, but in the IT field it is neutral and inconspicuous. Maybe we have lost sight of something? But here, it seems, there is also a bit of politics: Spain is currently chairing the European Union and such an all-European event as CEBIT could not be ignored.

    If we mention the trends, then in 2010 Green IT, which became almost the motto of the last year’s exhibition, inevitably added cloud computing, high-performance systems and open source software.

    Of course, you cannot list all that you saw, but we will be happy to show a little of what I remember.

    In the design pavilion, visitors are greeted with frying surfaces. Very surreal.

    Such events are not complete without Kaspersky Lab. Whatever anyone says, it's nice to see such a booth at CEBIT.

    Network equipment is sometimes served almost like jewelry. There is something in it.

    An excellent demonstration of the capabilities of a license plate recognition system: cameras read the numbers of tiny cars on a toy track.

    The same track from a different angle.

    The arms race has entered a new round. Now, liquid-cooled equipment rack manufacturers are storming a 40-kW peak per rack.

    Meanwhile, contrary to rumors, AEG has not left the production of electrical equipment and is participating in the exhibition.

    Another "data center in a container." This time from AST.

    At the exhibition there are amazing names of models, brands and logos.

    In the data center solutions pavilion, APC has traditionally set the tone.

    The UNIQLE stand of our partners, Schaefer IT Systems.

    In Rittal, whose business is now not going as well as it could be, they do not lose their presence of spirit and try to rise above their surroundings.

    One of the curiosities of the exhibition: a real-looking Russian space suit at the stand of the watch manufacturer (!) Fortis.

    Great illustration in favor of redundant systems.

    A wildlife corner with the Motorola base station inscribed in it.

    Rare shot: desert corner CEBIT. Usually the whole territory is teeming with people.

    The prototype of the "moped of the future" with a design contest, made on a 3D printer. Despite all the efforts of manufacturers, these useful devices will not be on a par with conventional printers.

    A moving surveillance camera with amazing optics constantly rotates and focuses on very distant objects. The impression is very impressive.


    Traditional German orchestra in the huge Lowenbrau restaurant. They say it is very similar to Oktoberfest.

    A curious design for scanning vintage tomes.

    One of the original Citrix booths.

    Brazil is on track to succeed.

    Egypt is moving next to it.

    From the Free Software Pavilion: OpenOffice and Joomla do not lose ground, and Firefox asks for open standards.

    A modest stand of "cloud" Amazon.

    Synology products are tagged to our home and office.

    Huge and highly representative IBM booth.

    The company demonstrates that everything is in order with it and even spends money on mobile displays traveling around the wall.

    Apparently, the servers are popular.

    And the "love" for Microsoft can no longer be hidden.

    IBM equipment.

    Premise Technology Storage

    A beautifully illuminated satellite from one of the stands.

    At the T-Mobile booth, everyone could try their hand at climbing. We hope this is not a metaphor for the process of communicating with call center employees.

    Really Khabensky?

    A miracle of engineering: a warehouse complex built from Lego parts and controlled by microcontrollers. It makes a hypnotic impression.

    Poppy Mini-shaped Fujitsu Esprimo.

    At the stand of the manufacturer of RFID sensors.

    In continuation of the automotive theme - a few photos for dessert.


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