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    The site recently turned two years old. On April 19, 2010 an article was published on Habré , announcing the launch of the project. You can evaluate the results, as well as the failures that befell the project during this time.


    For two years, the site was visited by 34,200 unique visitors. Of these, 450 people were registered. 75% are Muscovites, 6% are Petersburgers.

    Statistics of site visits
    The first peak was when publishing an article on Habré, the second - in September 2011, when the site was added to the catalog .

    A total of 126 citations were added. Of these, only 23 participants in the project (the rest added himself).
    To date, 65 citations have been checked, of which 34 are true (or the forecast came true), 23 are false, and 8 are removed from the test.

    In the ranking of truth-seekers were 6 people, liars - 9.

    The absolute leader in the first ranking was Putin, who has 20 “true” quotes and 6 “false” ones. Behind him is the economist Mikhail Khazin (5 citations - true and 1 - false). Surprisingly, Medvedev, despite the fact that he constantly holds many different meetings and often speaks, very little makes any exact, time-bound promises. There are only 5 quotes in the database, 3 of which are verified and all are true.

    The leader among the deceits was Boris Murashov, who was burnt up on unfounded promises in every way to improve the life of Petersburgers. Following him, financial analyst Stepan Demura, who gave 4 forecasts, all of which did not come true.

    Recently added quotes by the astrologer Pavel Globa, it will be interesting to know his true abilities.


    Firstly, the site had extremely low visitor activity. There may be various reasons: insufficiently convenient and understandable interface; the inability to access the Internet when a person hears a promise; desire to watch and learn more about verified quotes.

    Secondly, appeals were written to all opposition parties (systemic and not very). It was proposed to begin active cooperation so that all current criticism would be as objective and not unfounded as possible. Not a single party gave a positive answer. In some cases (for example: the Communist Party of the Russian Federation) the answer was given that there are already the necessary funds in the form of a party website. Otherwise, as a rule, there was no answer at all.


    Pravdometr is not a site for opponents or supporters of various power structures. This site is for those who want to see what is happening in the country as objectively as possible.

    Now the site is being updated and filled with materials by the development team. I really hope this post will attract people with an active civic position who will not wait for a predetermined verdict to be added to the added quote, but will be curious to observe the fate of each quote.

    All the minimum necessary tools are ready and working: adding people, materials and quotes, as well as the opportunity to personally verify the implementation of any promise and made their verdict in the "need experts" section .

    Website author: scroll. In the comments, he will answer all your questions, comments and suggestions.

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