New Year's pig, or Do not work, children, no prepayment

    This story just happened just now. Rather, it still happens, although with the result everything is already, in my opinion, crystal clear. To be honest, she already got me quite a bit, but because I decided to get a little distracted and write a useful topic on Habr. Useful - because, perhaps, it will serve as a warning to novice designers / layout designers.

    So, some time ago I had free time - a lull in the main business. I decided to spend this time profitably, since the money is never redundant, and began to search for orders for any of my specializations. And, which is characteristic, I found it almost immediately - a friend of my friend advised a certain comrade who needed to design a paper magazine.

    Phoned with a friend, and then drove up to him personally. A civilian office, engaged in - it really alerted - cleaning, legal services and something else there. The owner wants a personal advertising and entertainment magazine, moreover, they have already released two issues that were not very successful, and desperately want a third, finally successful.
    No question, chef, everything will be! In addition, the most promising prospects loomed: there is an advertising manager and editor, in addition, all advertising modules and texts are available. Make up - and you're done. Fortunately, until mid-December, when he was to go to print, there was a lot of time left.
    We agreed on everything, signed a contract, after which I froze in anticipation of the materials.

    The first call was that the materials did not appear immediately. Moreover, something was simply missing, and the advertising modules were not coordinated. But we have a manager and editor!
    After several calls and somewhere after a week, both of these figures finally painted on our doorstep. It turned out the following: half of the advertisement needed to be drawn from scratch, no texts and pictures were selected, the magazine grid and the list of categories were missing. And the materials from the previous issues were scattered around the hard drive of the working computer and were chaotic to the limit. Hello, sailed.

    Explain to the employer that the selection of pictures and texts is a separate fee, failed. The outrage about digging in the trash also went into the void. Oh, to give up everything then and do other projects ... But no, the prospect of my name appearing in a paper magazine (which is a good recommendation) overpowered all possible points “against”. We work further.

    Next - leapfrog with the coordination and arrangement of the material. Something had to be added almost before sending it to print, because before that no one was able to come up with this “something”. Coordination with advertisers took place in approximately the same way: at the last moment, the manager runs on nerves and screams that he is missing, someone does not accept the module because the angle of the triangle on the logo is 5 degrees more than necessary 0.0 Than they him measured? ..
    Finally, it would seem that everything is ready. Fill it on a USB flash drive and send it to the printing house with the manager. We are waiting for legal pay.

    Horseradish with two! The next day, it turns out that there will be no printing house, for the owner of the magazine for the first time in a month (!) Took the time (!!) to look at his own future magazine (!!!) and found twenty-three errors there (!!!!). I note that before that he was offered to review the materials repeatedly, but he replied that the editor was engaged in this.
    In convulsions, we rule everything in two days. Re-preparing for printing ...
    Horseradish with two! Again, something is wrong, and besides, as it suddenly (!) Turned out, the printing house does not accept TIFF, only Corel or InDesign. Okay, figs with you, fill in the Korel. And again silence.

    In general, I will not retell all the details of the last stage. A lot of calls and mutual discontent. “Brakes” by management. More brakes. And further. Bottom line - the employer has not been in touch for a week, just dropping the call and not answering SMS. He did not receive his own magazine - it is in my latest edition, with another series of corrections. The previous versions that I gave are irrelevant for a number of reasons, because it’s not possible to call the language “kiddock”.
    In addition, the editor found out that not a single printing house will accept the journal now - New Year-s. The agreement signed is, but apparently, it is of little use. Threatened with court - already threatened, no reaction followed.

    To be honest, looking at the four-gigabyte flash drive that this hero also left with me, I want to revise the famous phrase: I made the dumbest magazine in the world, and all I got was this stupid flash drive.

    Morality? Do not work without prepayment. Make a normal work plan. Negotiate all terms and conditions. And responsibilities. Otherwise, you will run into such a ... grave. A month of hard work wasted and this damn flash drive will be a good reminder. At least for me.

    I wish you happiness, harazhiteli, and with the coming! )

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