Successful premiere of Workle UX Friday at Workle office

    The other day , the first meeting of Workle Friday was held in the office of Workle , which was dedicated to UX. Three speakers spoke at the event:
    Ivo Dimitrov with the report “Think and adapt! Mobile First & Responsive Design ”,
    Ilya Remizov with the report“ INFs - Technology Overview ”,
    Alexey Kopylov with the report“ Design. Characters. "


    Ivo Dimitrov spoke about the practice of modern design with adaptive mesh. His report “Think and adapt! Mobile First & Responsive Design ”was dedicated to the dynamic development of mobile technology. The essence of the “MobileFirst” approach is that the design starts with the version for the mobile platform, and only then the functionality for the “big web” is increased. The main recommendations for adapting the site: the use of "rubber" images, "fluid" tables, text with varying size depending on the resolution, etc.

    Ilya Remizov demonstrated the INF technology, which is an interactive character on the site. INFs, or virtual interlocutors, are installed on the site and communicate with users through text chat. These characters are easily trained and can be used to solve a wide range of problems - from increasing sales and improving conversions to simplifying site navigation and advertising.

    The final report was made by Alexei Kopylov, who continued the theme of design methodology using characters. Alexey’s speech caused the most discussion: guests actively asked questions and shared their opinions.

    The meeting was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere, allowing you to exchange experiences with colleagues and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. According to the participants of Workle Friday, such events make it possible to stay up to date with the latest trends, which means that they use only the most relevant technologies in their work.

    Readers of Habrahabr can see the photo report from the place of events, as well as get acquainted with the reports “Think and adapt! Mobile First & Responsive Design ” and “ Design. Characters . "

    We hope Friday meetings of IT-specialists will become a good tradition of Workle!

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