is 2 years old!


    Good day, friends!

    A little more than two years ago, my little brother drew my attention to the Ruby language and the Rails framework on it, and I was eager to learn them.

    I approached the question thoroughly, and since English was lame at that time, and on the fly the information was not perceived on it, as I read the official Rails manuals, I did translations for myself. In fact, he studied parallel Rails and technical English.

    And now, exactly two years ago, the idea came to me that such translations could be useful not only to me, and I decided to make a site based on them.

    The first version of the site worked on Joomla, where I gradually laid out translations of various Rails 2.3 manuals. The idea that I need to somehow maintain the relevance of the translations did not occur to me at that time, so I took as a basis a piece of manuals in html, pulled from the office. site, and in paragraphs it was translated and stored through the admin of Jumly.

    In late summer 2010, Rails 3.0 was released, and then I realized that some of the already translated ones became irrelevant, which reduced the relevance of all manuals in general. Well, I think, once I got involved, I need to continue what I started, moved everything that exists to the section devoted to 2.3, and began (by eye!) To look for what was mentioned in the 3.0 manuals in comparison with 2.3.

    And then work appeared that was not related to Ruby, and I quit the site for six months. These six months were enough for me to understand that my soul wants to chop, and not something else. In addition, I talked for the first time live with real rubies at the Krasnoyarsk devmitap (which, incidentally, will also turn 1 year soon).

    In general, I became determined to do everything “in an adult way”. First of all, he wrote a simple application on Rails, where he began to transfer translations, updating them simultaneously for the upcoming version 3.1 and linking them to revisions of the original on the github.

    And so, on the day of release of version 3.1, I changed the domain binding to a new version, which I hastened to share with Habr.

    After that, it was decided to make the project completely open, but first of all it was necessary to make the work on updating translations as easy as possible. Since the originals are stored and edited in textile, textile also began to be used in Rusrails. In addition, the translations began to be stored in the repository, and added to the database with a rake on deployment. That is, now the translation process is like this - a diff is taken between the current and current version, and these changes are translated.

    Now the project is completely open (both the code and the texts of the translations are open), anyone can help both in improving the texts and in the development of the site (currently there are 3 such contributors). The code is located in the repository on Github.

    Also, a discussion section has opened on the site, where you can discuss either some part of the guide, or just ask a question. The section is more designed for beginners.

    And finally, in honor of the biennium , a pdf version of the Russian-language translations of the official Rails manuals was prepared. Download link on the website’s home page.

    UPDATE for moderators : there is no need to transfer it to “I'm PR” - firstly, there is no PR here, the project was done on a voluntary basis, I personally did not bring any benefit and is unlikely to bring. Secondly, if you think this is not a format, you can simply delete the post, I will not be offended.

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