Mozilla Updated F1 Extension for Firefox

    Who does not know what this <extension is - I recommend to try it if you often share various links with colleagues / friends through social networks. Extension f1 was released in November last year in order to simplify the placement of all kinds of links on the Web. We all saw buttons like “share this”, but they are not always convenient, and often too lazy to use them for one reason or another. But the extension F1 is quite convenient to use. So, the other day Mozilla has updated its design and functionality.

    The new extension design visually separates one service from another, so you cannot visually confuse anything, and using each service is quite convenient. In addition, F1 supports a large number of social networks and other resources where you can share with friends the material found. Supported services include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google Apps, and Yahoo. Yes, for some Russian-speaking users such expansion does not really fit, because of the lack of familiar domestic users vkontaktikov social networks, but nothing can be done, the possibility to add support of the necessary resources to expand yet.

    Interestingly, the updated F1 only works in the latest beta of Firefox 4 - previous browser versions from Mozill do not work with this extension. According to the developers, this situation is due to the uniqueness of Firefox 4, which supports some functions that were not in previous versions of the browser.

    Unfortunately, there is still no way to introduce support for additional services by the user or developers into the extension. Perhaps in future versions of F1, such a function will really appear, but so far it is not.

    Via Mashable

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